A month of accomplishments

I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it. I had gotten impatient and annoyed at the query route. Rejections were piled so high I couldn’t breathe. I reworked the letter several times, rejections kept coming. What to do? Life is too short to be at the mercy of finding the one “yes.”  So I just went for it. Got my book ready for Kindle and ready for paperback. All the files were ready to go and I hit send. Voila. Live on Kindle and live on Kindle Direct Publishing. I chose KDP because I thought it was the new direction away from Createspace. Yes and No. Createspace offers better distribution than KDP but I didn’t know that.  In time, KDP will expand its distribution and I suspect Createspace will go away. Too bad the distribution right now is so limited. Only Amazon outlets. Oh well. But my sales reports for Kindle and paperback are in the same place. So fingers crossed I made the right decision.

Then I just went for it with my audible book. Took all my files and uploaded and held my breath. ACX checks for quality and structure of your files. I made a few mistakes with combining my dedication and opening. Easy peasy fix. Sweated out the quality part because I just sat with a mike in front of my computer. No recording studio. I learned how to use Audacity software to edit extraneous sounds, add some consonants that had dropped off, and rerecord bad parts of sentences. Viola, it passed the quality check. Two years of dedication to this project. I kept editing and editing and my husband said “enough just send it in.” I did and now it’s DONE and for sale. WOW!!!

Then I had I hard time with Facebook’s like box for my website. Facebook changed the way to create it and now it was set up for developers working with source code. I used iWeb to create my site and it wouldn’t let me edit the source code. I called Apple for help and found out that iWeb was no longer supported. Stopped years ago. The tech guy suggested Sandvox. So, I was hesitant to learn a new web design software, but I just went for it. I discovered that built into the software was an easy way to create the Facebook like box. Voila! Easy Peasy.

What’s next? Working on my next book project and narrating my next audible book. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy for awhile.

You can find my new book here: Kindle and paperback:



My audible book here:


And newly redesigned website here:



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