When I was a kid

When I was a kid the cold war was real. We worried all the time that a nuclear weapon would be unleashed and blow us off the face of the earth. By Russia. We had drills where we crouched down under our school desks or went into the school hallways for protection, as if that could protect us. Crouching under desks, gathering in hallways to shield us from a nuclear holocaust. None of that would help anything but people must have thought you couldn’t tell children that in a matter of seconds everyone would be dead. That NYC would be gone. Nothing left. Total annihilation. By Russia.

But we children guessed that our future was precarious. Into my teens we worried. About Russia. Our arch enemy Russia. A movie came out, On the Beach with Gregory Peck. The aftermath of a nuclear war. The only spared continent was Australia. Intact. Buildings intact. The rest of the world was gone. Nothing. No one. But the radio active fallout drifts over to Australia and one-by-one everyone dies. The end of humanity on planet earth.

No one wins a nuclear war. We have a moron for a president that grew up in the same time period as I did. Maybe in boarding school you didn’t have to crouch under a desk. Maybe he was too dumb, like he is today, to understand the enormity of the paranoia. The abyss of fear that this could be the future of mankind. By Russia.

Trump is a friend to Russia, a puppet of Russia, thinks Putin is a great man. Thinks that threatening a nuclear ┬áholocaust on Twitter is tough guy talk. Tough guy talk to someone as unstable as he is. Trump needs to be put in a strait jacket and taken to a mental hospital. He is dangerous, evil, moronic, and stupid. He threatens humanity more than anyone. He holds the codes. He can start a nuclear war with those codes. Why won’t the Republicans remove this lunatic as unfit? Why don’t the people rise up and shout, “WE DON’T WANT NUCLEAR WAR! TRUMP MUST GO!!!!!

Our future as a planet, the future of the human race depends on what we do right now. The bullish stock market will be blown to obscurity. Thinking that Trump is making you rich is an illusion that will blow up with our world. Supporters of Trump are fools that don’t get it. The emperor has no clothes. He never did. He was never president material and we all may pay the price.

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