A word to the wise

All  virtual book tours are not the same. It’s impossible to vet them but I had found a website that recommended Enchanted Book Promotions. It seemed legitimate. It had a review only option and that’s just what I wanted. After a few weeks, I contacted,  Majanka who owns the site to see if there was anyone who signed up for a review. She said four people had signed up and in fact two reviews were posted on Goodreads and Amazon. At the time I didn’t realize that the owner of this tour’s name was Majanka. So someone named Carli posted a really good review on Amazon. Five stars with a lot of praise. I loved reading it, so I went back to read it again. It was gone. There was another review by Majanka on Amazon giving me four stars and in a short while that review was pulled as well. Two reviewers from the same promotion company had their reviews pulled. I wrote EBP. Majanka had no idea why Carli’s review was pulled and she said Carli was looking into it. Then I realized that Majanka was the owner. So the owner is forbidden to post on Amazon? Very suspicious. I’m thinking that she and Carli are the same person.

This is a very busy lady. She supposed to be in law school, is a prolific author, and manages several websites and this promotion company. Needless to say she has stopped interacting with me, took my money and there are no reviews forthcoming. Majanka did post her review on Goodreads but Carli has not, even though I requested it so I don’t know  if it’s because Carli is Majanka. I also found a site that has analyzed Enchanted Book Promotions and it says it resides in Brazil. When I sent her money through PayPal it wanted to charge me more for sending money out of the US.

So buyer beware.






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