Summers here, new grand baby, taking a major trip

I’ve been feeling guilty lately because my life has gotten in the way of my writing. What? I know I love to write but I also love living my life. In fact, my life is the source material so-to-speak for my work as a writer. I told myself to take the summer off and just enjoy, but it gnaws at me they urge to write and the avoidance of writing. The push and pull of it. But there are things that really get in the way. Important things, fun things. First, I spent a week in Ireland. The Galway area then Dublin. The sights were outstanding, magical. A road called the Wild Atlantic Way takes you on adventure of green rolling hills, arid hills, wandering sheep, ┬áCeltic ruins, remnants of forgotten monasteries and of course the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. One does in Dublin what all tourists do in Dublin, visit pubs and listen to music. Brings out the best in humanity.

Then a most wondrous thing happened. My grandson was born. A big fella at 8.lbs and 8oz. Of course, I flew out to see him. Held him in my arms and kissed his sweet cheeks. Got to see my beloved granddaughter and my son and his wife as well. Icing on the cake.

Now, I plan to visit Israel with two of my kids and my other granddaughter. Then on to Greece. A major trip for two+ weeks. Lots to take in, lots to wonder at. One of the wonders of the world, in fact. Petra, Jordan is on the itinerary that my son planned.

So writing will have to wait because my fabulous life is giving me experiences I am blessed to have. I am grateful and cherish my life. I know I’m one of the lucky ones and I’m thankful. So I’ll write when I can as I live the best life ever.

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