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Where to put your limited marketing dollars

As a self-published author, marketing my book is a daunting challenge. I don’t have endless sums to advertise so I test the waters with various promotions. After When a Stranger Comes… got a very positive review from Kirkus Reviews–the gold standard, I was psyched. So I decided to run an ad in their online magazine and two spots in their email. Needless to say the charge was quite dear. Much more than I have  ever spent. $1,150 to be exact. But this was Kirkus. They touted a giant number of visitors to their website. Big email list. So I waited for the ad campaign to start with enthusiasm. What I got was a big fat nothing. Two sales the first week. Now I wait for the second and final week.

I didn’t understand the terms. I was a innocent fool. First of all, my ad shares the two weeks with two other ads. It is rotated so that when you hit the page it could be my ad or another ad. If you refresh or go back my ad could appear where the other ad was. They claim, I will get a report at the end with the number of impressions but I forgot to ask–how long does my ad stay fixed? A second? Because if you leave the page and come back to it my ad could be gone.

Needless to say, I would never buy another ad in an online magazine. Luckily, I didn’t go for the higher priced packages. I wonder how Kirkus has the nerve to charge so much for their advertising if the ROI is so poor. Or maybe it was just for my book. I had them create the graphic ( and that was $150 of the total) so it looked great.

So expensive lesson learned. I am hoping Bookbub will accept my book now that I have a great review from Kirkus but Amazon is my only outlet, so I don’t know. BookBub is not cheap but far less than Kirkus. However, a one day promo is estimated to have 3000 downloads in the thriller category. Even at $0.99, I can make back my investment plus I’ve sold a ton of books and helped build my platform.

Fingers crossed that the book is accepted on BookBub.

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Great review from my local paper, oh yeah!

WHEN A STRANGER COMES…Author: Karen S. BellData: KSB Press, 209 pages, $12 A successful author who finishes her latest work with “a sense of
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Our twisted, sick government

I am saddened to say that the America I grew up in is no more. We have a twisted, sick government led by a twisted, sick president. When did being a cold, heartless human start to attract people to run for public office? Why are we voting them to positions where they can make laws for their own benefit at the expense of the populace? The Republican party used to have ideals of small government and low taxes. Now it’s a party of rich immoral self-serving repugnant humans. I used to be an independent  voter in order not be bound by any party. But I changed that this year and registered as a Democrat. There is no way I would ever vote Republican…ever again.

These despicable people have been bought by the NRA to remove safety nets once in place. They let the assault weapons ban lapse, they now allow mentally ill people to have guns. They have hurt our healthcare system instead of improving it. They have taken away support for people with disabilities. They are hurting the poor with their need for food. They are causing young people who trusted our government and came put of the shadows to register as illegals brought by their parents when they had no choice, to be deported to countries they have no memory of living in.

The carnage this president spoke about at his inauguration was actually a premonition of the carnage he and his party have inflicted on our once beautiful democracy. This nastiness at the top has filtered down to the populace where mass killings with automatic weapons is sadly too common. We must rid our country of this traitorous demon and this demon party. We must take back our democracy and once again have our democracy work for all Americans not just rich politicians and their rich donors. We must ban weapons of war to be for sale.

Americans must rise up and take back this country from this twisted, sick leader and the GOP leaders we are currently suffering under. VOTE THEM OUT FOR THE GOOD OF THE AMERICA THAT USED TO BE.


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What happens next?

After I lost my first husband, I read everything about the after life that I could get my hands on. The Dr. Raymond Moody books, a doctor that had first-hand anecdotal experiences of patients going through the near-death experience. I also had some friends who told me their strange near-death experiences, angel encounters and so on. It was all so intriguing to me. Hopeful. I also encountered those less than honest actors, charlatans and con men. I read one book where a loser claimed that his automatic writing was actually a conversation with God. He has made tons of money off that ridiculous notion. People want to believe. Even, I want to believe.

Yes, I’ve had unexplained incidences, but nothing definitive. Nothing that would take the place of faith. Nothing that told me, “Ah, so heaven is real.” But I’ve always felt that this human existence is a miracle. That this planet floating in the cosmos and supporting all our life forms is a miracle. How? Why? Philosophers and scientists though the ages have pondered these questions. The answers remain elusive. It all comes to faith. Joseph Campbell studied diverse cultures from primitive to sophisticated and all have a common thread.  The soul continues, consciousness continues. We transcend our human form and become ethereal beings as we were before we incarnated. A belief handed down through centuries since humanity emerged. Albert Einstein once said, “You can believe nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle.” I choose to believe everything is a miracle. So why not a soul? Why not heaven?

My friend passed into that realm Jan 26 and her ashes were buried Saturday. She knows what happens next. She dwells among the heavenly spirits, the angels, of which she was one on earth. She is back where she has always belonged. These thoughts comfort. A reward awaits. There is nothing to fear. My dear friend now knows the truth. A truth that awaits us all. Peace, tranquility, and goodness. The perfect ending and the perfect beginning.

Love and faith is all we need.

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