Reader’s Favorite awards ceremony

Here I am wearing my bronze medal. What an exciting weekend in Miami for the awards ceremony and at the Miami Book fair where my book was showcased with the other medal winners. It was inspiring to be treated as an accomplished author and to chat with other winners at a very professional event. Reader’s Favorite should be commended and I highly recommend submitting one’s book to their contest.

In two days, I fly out to Los Angeles to enjoy Thanksgiving with half of my children. Our daughter flew all the way from Germany to LA, a trip of some eleven hours. But she’s excited to spend time with her new nephew and with her niece. It will be heart warming to be with everyone but tainted by all the loss in in California. Climate change and the disasters caused by these changes must be addressed. We need a gov’t willing to do so and we all need to do what we can individually. This is a problem whose time has come and we ignore at our own peril. Luckily there are some of those newly elected to gov’t who recognize the dire necessity for doing whatever it takes to slow down carbon emissions. Hopefully, we are not too late to stop the damage done. It would be a catastrophe if the Earth became devoid of humans and was just another dead planet floating in space.

I wish everyone good cheer with their families this holiday and to treasure your lives. Nature and life are wonderful. We all need, however, to cherish this human experiment and the diverse species that share our world and be the care takers of this gift.

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