It seemed fitting that we had a day of mourning at this time of the year. We sing of this season as one of joy, but it is really a time of reflection. For primitives, it was a time to ready the psyche for the harshness and strife of winter and accompanying hope for better times to come. As we became more civilized, the human condition demanded a way to cope with the inevitability of the end of our lives. It was fitting that the story of Christianity began in winter as it had been the time of year for great hope for the future.

President H.W. Bush had a strong and steady belief that there is a rich and welcoming afterlife where he will be reunited with his loved ones. And so he left this life with this comforting conviction. The idea our biological outcome, our inevitable end of life, transforms into a journey of the spirit is joyful and uplifting.

When we embrace thoughts of a continuation of conciousness, we find unlimited bliss. In this mental state, one can mourn the loss of a human but also celebrate a worthy life. These sentiments are told and retold this time of year by Christians when an enlightened master was born and gave us the cherished idea of life everlasting. A spirit world worshiped by early man as well.

This teaches us an important lesson. No one one escapes this destiny and nothing lasts forever. One human is either majestically important or not important at all. We get chances for rebirth or we don’t. No one escapes. So when we think that our democracy is in tatters right now, it is but a blip in the timeline of existence. Depending on whether humans will get serious about going extinct on this planet, all those alive today will leave this for others to fix. Or they won’t fix it and this planet will not be inhabitable for humans.

Whatever we do doesn’t matter, we can’t change our ultimate destinies. But we should take the time to express the wonder, miracle and  gratitude for our lives and the other species sharing this planet with us. We have now. Make the most of it. And maybe there’s something more, something of spirit. Something of bliss.



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