The great mask war of 2020

The presidency of donald trump will be remembered as the most scandalous in modern history. The litany of scandals range from his campaign managers getting prison terms, to pushing harmful ways to kill the COVID-19 virus to hiring shady characters in key position who wind up resigning in disgrace or pushed out because they weren’t sycophantic enough.  But the worst thing this con man has done was to make not wearing a mask a sign of loyalty to him. One would have to wonder at the cognitive dissonance of his supporters, in other words, how stupid are his followers? How could wearing a mask in a pandemic that will not subside in this country be an area of contention?

When we look around at the world, we find that masks have flattened the curve, that opening economies with caution have kept the virus contained when spiking in isolated areas and from becoming a full blown infection spread like in this country. We are back to square one in the USA. We stayed home for nothing, our economy tanked for nothing, people lost their jobs for nothing.

Blatantly stupid republican leaders seeking favor from our demented president took the stance that masks were unnecessary. So going without masks became an iconic demonstration of support for an idiot, for death, and for the virus to wreak havoc until there’s a vaccine or proven therapy. Months of infection and death await us.

So good for you republicans. You win the support of your cult-like sheep. Venture out and become murderers, infect your loved ones, follow the lead of an idiot. I hope you’re happy when states close again because there are no more ICU beds. I hope you can be proud of your stupidity when restaurants close and never re-open. I hope you survive COVID when you eventually get it. But you probably won’t survive. You are lemmings following a moron to your death. You might, also, take high risk people like me who wear masks along with you, because widespread infection will be hard to escape no matter what. Trump will be convicted of bank fraud and tax fraud when he is no longer president. You gave your life for a low-life criminal. You gave your life for nothing but your own blind stupidity.

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Are we marching towards fascism?

We are living in terrible times. Horrific. A virus is sweeping the globe and leaving death and destruction of economies in its wake. A petrie dish for a rise in authoritarianism. And  for all organic events what can happen does happen. I never thought I’d see my country become a breeding ground for fascism. This can’t be possible in the United States of America–oh but it is. Our economy has been ravished by lockdown orders that held the virus in check but destroyed businesses and industries. Now that they are lifting, people are acting as if there is no more virus. Behaving irresponsibly in some states and therefore one expects a spike in cases. If that happens then the lockdown was for naught.

Hand in hand with this tragedy of irresponsibility comes the con artist and blithering demented moron president held up by self-serving greedy legislators in the GOP and Vladimir Putin. There is no doubt that this fool is getting lessons from his frequent calls to Putin, who wants to destroy our country. Putin is very happy with his useful idiot who he got elected. trump also has a fascination with Hitler–and kept Hitler’s speeches at his bedside table for night-time reading, Ivana trump told the world about that in her divorce papers.

It is  heartening to see people all over the world denounce the racism and murder of a man just because he was Black. What is scary is trump’s and the GOP’s response. Military presence, illegal use of teargas against Americans who have a right in our Constitution to assemble, rubber bullets hitting Americans. Well, we need to control those rioters and looters. How about finding out who these looters are? Turns out they are white supremacists given the nod to cause havoc–trump supporters who would love to see Blacks incarcerated for the looters’ crimes.

Where does this leave us? As for me I’m terrified that trump will mess with the November election, if he can’t stop vote by mail, he will close down the post office. He and his sycophants are drumming up a case against Obama and, in turn, Joe Biden because of Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in trump’s election. What? I remember when our elected officials in the GOP were not owned by Russian oligarchs but that time has long passed.

If there is an election in November we need to vote as if our lives depend on it, because it does. If there is not an election, we need to learn Russian or move to another country. Not a great choice. Or, a new civil war may be happening. Pick your side. I’m against fascism, how about you?

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Being a writer in the time of Covid–or any other time

Everyday, I check my sales. Pretty stupid and depressing. Sometimes there is a Kindle Unlimited reader or two, and just the other day there was an unexpected surprise–two paperback sales from expanded distribution where my royalty is about a buck. Unless I pay for an email promotion there are no random sales. I’m having several social media promos right now and nothing, zilch, nada. I drop my price to 99 cents and still nothing so then I pop it back up. What’s the point of just throwing my hours of creativity away for a measly 99 cents before Amazon takes its cut if it doesn’t spur sales?

So I now I’m  working on what I think will be my last project and trying to be motivated. It’s hard in the time of Covid to write fiction when you feel like you are living in a dystopia nightmare. People willy nilly get the virus. Most don’t know how. People die quickly, people take time to die and suffer greatly, and people get better. No one knows why there are differences. And low and behold there are some people who have it and nothing happens to them. No symptoms. Unknown carriers of death. If that makes a person want to just stay in bed, I get it. But there are people who want to get out, still think it’s a hoax because their brains haven’t ripened and they believe the monster in the WH who doesn’t give a crap about anyone. So they go out, don’t wear masks, and breathe all over everyone. Killers they are.

Toilet paper shortages, paper towel shortages, and now a break in our food supply. It’s like right outside my window there are riots and looting. Chaos in the streets. Mayhem. Well not yet but it feels like any moment it will happen because the government has failed us with shutting down businesses and not getting money fast enough into peoples hands so they can go to the store and not find toilet paper or food. Empty shelves getting emptier.

So why would anyone want to spend three bucks of the money they don’t have to buy a book? My book? Well, we all need something to do. Why not read? And really, why not read one of my books? They are really good, I say humbly. If you can’t buy Charmin you can use the money for a Kindle book or buy the paperback and recycle it for TP after you’ve finished.

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Happy? Easter

Easter Sunday is normally a joyful day for Christians, theoretically. In their minds it’s the day their Savior rises from the dead to bring love and protection for all mankind forever. But this Easter is way different. This Easter I can’t help but ask–why are we being visited by a plague? How can we resume a normal life where we can rejoice on holidays and feast with our families?

A strange occurrence is also happening. The planet is happier absent humans. The skies are free of smog, herds of animals roam freely, the birds are basking in the warm sun happily singing songs of love. Can it be that Earth wants us to perish? To take back possession of nature and all the damage humans have done?

I hope there are lessons to be learned from this pandemic. I hope we can keep the planet free from smog, to fix the gaping income inequality, and barbaric healthcare system in the United States. I hope we rid ourselves of the malignant government we are currently suffering under. Easter Sunday is usually a time of hope and faith with the rising from the dead of the goodness that can smite evil. And smiting the evil in our midst is a must for our survival.

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Keep your distance

Flowers bathe the air with sweetness. Chirping birds build tiny nests for tiny eggs. Puffy clouds float through bright blue skies. Sharp twigs break underfoot on trails cut through nature’s abundance. Insects buzz. Cattle chew their cud. Green leaves on reincarnated trees rustle gently in the wind. The sounds and sights of Spring.

But no sounds of human pleasure. No sounds of children playing, giggling, screaming with laughter. No muffled conversations between close friends, or lovers, no casual hellos to passersby who’ve gone missing.

Keep your distance.

Stay shut in or walk alone in the woods, breathe the outdoors but do not laugh together for fear of sharing droplets. Do not touch each other, nod your head in greeting minus hugs. Together alone in this separation.

Keep your distance.

But try to find some peace.

Keep your distance.

But try to find some joy.

Keep your distance… and live.

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