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Keep your distance

Flowers bathe the air with sweetness. Chirping birds build tiny nests for tiny eggs. Puffy clouds float through bright blue skies. Sharp twigs break underfoot on trails cut through nature’s abundance. Insects buzz. Cattle chew their cud. Green leavesĀ on reincarnated … Continue reading

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Is this real life or a sci-fi movie?

Stumbling out of bed, I sleepily go into the kitchen to get the kitties their breakfast. The sun was bright and the thick backyard grass visible through my lanai was a lush green. A bird was chirping loudly. A peaceful … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the ugly

Sometimes it’s important to take stock. To count the blessings in life and also recognize the not so good. Hopefully the good will outnumber the other. I know it seems trite but at my advanced age, I feel grateful for … Continue reading

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So proud of this award

The promotion is starting to begin for this award. Exciting opportunities ahead. Psyched!

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Strange times

Here we are once again finishing our annual trip around the sun. What have we learned on this journey? Unfortunately, not much. We still haven’t tried to tackle CO2 emissions even though scientists have given us dire warnings of imminent … Continue reading

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