It seemed fitting that we had a day of mourning at this time of the year. We sing of this season as one of joy, but it is really a time of reflection. For primitives, it was a time to ready the psyche for the harshness and strife of winter and accompanying hope for better times to come. As we became more civilized, the human condition demanded a way to cope with the inevitability of the end of our lives. It was fitting that the story of Christianity began in winter as it had been the time of year for great hope for the future.

President H.W. Bush had a strong and steady belief that there is a rich and welcoming afterlife where he will be reunited with his loved ones. And so he left this life with this comforting conviction. The idea our biological outcome, our inevitable end of life, transforms into a journey of the spirit is joyful and uplifting.

When we embrace thoughts of a continuation of conciousness, we find unlimited bliss. In this mental state, one can mourn the loss of a human but also celebrate a worthy life. These sentiments are told and retold this time of year by Christians when an enlightened master was born and gave us the cherished idea of life everlasting. A spirit world worshiped by early man as well.

This teaches us an important lesson. No one one escapes this destiny and nothing lasts forever. One human is either majestically important or not important at all. We get chances for rebirth or we don’t. No one escapes. So when we think that our democracy is in tatters right now, it is but a blip in the timeline of existence. Depending on whether humans will get serious about going extinct on this planet, all those alive today will leave this for others to fix. Or they won’t fix it and this planet will not be inhabitable for humans.

Whatever we do doesn’t matter, we can’t change our ultimate destinies. But we should take the time to express the wonder, miracle and  gratitude for our lives and the other species sharing this planet with us. We have now. Make the most of it. And maybe there’s something more, something of spirit. Something of bliss.



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Reader’s Favorite awards ceremony

Here I am wearing my bronze medal. What an exciting weekend in Miami for the awards ceremony and at the Miami Book fair where my book was showcased with the other medal winners. It was inspiring to be treated as an accomplished author and to chat with other winners at a very professional event. Reader’s Favorite should be commended and I highly recommend submitting one’s book to their contest.

In two days, I fly out to Los Angeles to enjoy Thanksgiving with half of my children. Our daughter flew all the way from Germany to LA, a trip of some eleven hours. But she’s excited to spend time with her new nephew and with her niece. It will be heart warming to be with everyone but tainted by all the loss in in California. Climate change and the disasters caused by these changes must be addressed. We need a gov’t willing to do so and we all need to do what we can individually. This is a problem whose time has come and we ignore at our own peril. Luckily there are some of those newly elected to gov’t who recognize the dire necessity for doing whatever it takes to slow down carbon emissions. Hopefully, we are not too late to stop the damage done. It would be a catastrophe if the Earth became devoid of humans and was just another dead planet floating in space.

I wish everyone good cheer with their families this holiday and to treasure your lives. Nature and life are wonderful. We all need, however, to cherish this human experiment and the diverse species that share our world and be the care takers of this gift.

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Trying to remain optimistic

These months before the election are just extremely difficult to contain anger. Anger at watching a demagogue who has a difficult relationship with the truth whip the hatred in this country. Choosing scapegoats, holding rallies, proclaiming himself to be the one for whom you are casting a vote even though he is not on the ticket. Divisive, accusing others of what he in fact does–leaks to the press—incite mob behavior and applaud it–remember Charlottesville–saying the protestors were paid by a rich Jewish donor when  he pays people to be at his rallies. Attacking our free press. These are techniques used by hitler, used by dictators, used by Putin. I wonder if he’s not being coached by Putin who would like nothing better than to bring down our country by bringing down our democracy.

I see the support he gets from his party, the crowds, his state-run media channel. Can this be happening? Are we going to give up our freedoms so easily? Just because the stock market is high right now? Because rich people are getting richer? Because average people believe the lie that healthcare coverage will improve with no proof except blatant attempts to destroy it while telling these lies?

I fear for our country that is marching like sheep to the slaughter. A country that is allowing this president to self-deal and become richer while in office. All the while making the average voter think that he cares about your freedoms, cares about this country when all his life has shown that he only cares about one thing–himself and his greed. Greed for money, greed for fame, greed for worship of him. Because deep down he knows that he really doesn’t measure up, that he is a failure, not self-made but a rich little boy who’s daddy propped him up with cash to bail him out time and again, that he’s not really smart. His poison is that he is so insecure and has so much self-loathing that he has become very dangerous in his attempts  to make the world cow to him to feel better about himself.

Maia Angelou once said: When someone shows you his true self believe him…the first time.

We have seen this person’s true self. Please America take back this country from the dark forces engulfing it right now. Make America great again, the way it was before the 2016 election.

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America the beautiful

Last week I went to South Dakota. I had some preconceived notations about what the landscape would look like. Boy was I wrong. Gentle hills leading to jutting mountain tops, pine tree forests known as the Black Hills and moonscapes known as the Badlands. All awesome in the truest sense of the word.

All this was my son’s idea because he works for some of the Native American Tribes that reside there. In his travels back and forth and driving all over the state he wanted to share its beauty with his parents. Well, at first it was supposed to be a bonding trip with his Dad, after all he did take me to Israel and Greece this summer. But after my husband researched the state and how much there was to see he included me on this trip. He always had wanted to see the Badlands. I had never thought much about it. But there was also Mt. Rushmore, which intrigued me.

It all turned out to be much more than I expected. We saw wild buffalo herds, mountain goats, a beautiful waterfall and the town of Deadwood. The wild west at its best. This time of year the weather is spectacular. The skies are not cloudy, like the song, bright blue and clear, mild temperatures perfect for touring. Mt. Rushmore makes you proud of our heritage as a democracy, the Badlands makes you happy that grass and trees cover most of our land. The culture of the Lakota tribe permeates everything and brings with it great beauty in artwork and jewelry. I highly recommend a tip to S. Dakota just one of the great states in this great country.


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Bronze medal winner, new book tour

Totally psyched! This week I found out that When a Stranger Comes… is the Readers’ Favorite 2018 Bronze Medal Winner in the psychological thriller genre. I’ve entered my other books in this contest but didn’t even become a finalist, so this win is most welcome. I’ve put stickers on my covers that proudly announces to the world that this book is worth reading. This book is worth your time. A big thank you to Readers’ Favorite.

I’ve also decided to attend the awards ceremony with the encouragement of the hubs. So November  16-18 will find us in Miami. The event coincides with the Miami Book Fair and Readers’ Favorite has a booth there and will display my book. Wow! There will be photos of me wearing my bronze Olympics’ style medal that I will post on Facebook.

Today is the start of the Silver Dagger Book Tour for When a Stranger Comes…. The kick-off post gives an excerpt of the book. I hope you all follow the tour, which will have posts from me and reviews.

Here is the schedule:


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