It’s a scary jungle out there for self-published authors

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. But I know I’m still a babe in the woods hoping I can find the magic promotion that will translate into brisk sales. My book, When a Stranger Comes… is a gripping read that also has an important message about greed. So I fall for all the promos touting their ability to garner sales.  I try and try and find myself being scammed again and again. I’m spending money out of my comfort zone thinking I have to do that for a good return. The only ones making a buck are the companies scamming me.

There is a way to fight back however. A person can file a claim against a company through PayPal. I did that recently and was refunded my entire amount of purchase. When a promotion company promises ads in magazines, a media kit, exposure with bloggers and will not send one link or copy of the media kit, there is a problem and PayPal agreed. In another case, I asked for a refund and got it from the company. I am now trying to get my money back from a company that saids it knows how to write Amazon ads.  An expensive try for me with zero return.

I would much rather have the promos work than get a refund. The quick excuse is my cover stinks. But the book has great reviews and won an award. Doesn’t that count for anything? On one book tour the audience posted out that they LIKED the cover. So go figure.

It’s a conundrum this self-publishing business. My book is quality literature but in my assessment it’s the crap that sells for 99c or given away in self-publishing that gets readers.   Until my dying breath, I will keep trying to gain readership. What else can I do? Maybe I’ll catch on, may be I won’t.

3 thoughts on “It’s a scary jungle out there for self-published authors

  1. You cover doesn’t stink. I like black-white covers, and a little red I think is appropriate for the genre.

    I saw your book on fuonlyknew. I’m intrigued by the blurb!

  2. Thank you for the comment. I’m on a virtual book tour right now and consistent comments are how much they like the cover. I’m so glad I didn’t change it. Thanks for your support. Hope you get a chance to read the book. I’m very proud of it and creating the audible book of it myself–fun but a lot of work..

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