Are we marching towards fascism?

We are living in terrible times. Horrific. A virus is sweeping the globe and leaving death and destruction of economies in its wake. A petrie dish for a rise in authoritarianism. And  for all organic events what can happen does happen. I never thought I’d see my country become a breeding ground for fascism. This can’t be possible in the United States of America–oh but it is. Our economy has been ravished by lockdown orders that held the virus in check but destroyed businesses and industries. Now that they are lifting, people are acting as if there is no more virus. Behaving irresponsibly in some states and therefore one expects a spike in cases. If that happens then the lockdown was for naught.

Hand in hand with this tragedy of irresponsibility comes the con artist and blithering demented moron president held up by self-serving greedy legislators in the GOP and Vladimir Putin. There is no doubt that this fool is getting lessons from his frequent calls to Putin, who wants to destroy our country. Putin is very happy with his useful idiot who he got elected. trump also has a fascination with Hitler–and kept Hitler’s speeches at his bedside table for night-time reading, Ivana trump told the world about that in her divorce papers.

It is  heartening to see people all over the world denounce the racism and murder of a man just because he was Black. What is scary is trump’s and the GOP’s response. Military presence, illegal use of teargas against Americans who have a right in our Constitution to assemble, rubber bullets hitting Americans. Well, we need to control those rioters and looters. How about finding out who these looters are? Turns out they are white supremacists given the nod to cause havoc–trump supporters who would love to see Blacks incarcerated for the looters’ crimes.

Where does this leave us? As for me I’m terrified that trump will mess with the November election, if he can’t stop vote by mail, he will close down the post office. He and his sycophants are drumming up a case against Obama and, in turn, Joe Biden because of Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in trump’s election. What? I remember when our elected officials in the GOP were not owned by Russian oligarchs but that time has long passed.

If there is an election in November we need to vote as if our lives depend on it, because it does. If there is not an election, we need to learn Russian or move to another country. Not a great choice. Or, a new civil war may be happening. Pick your side. I’m against fascism, how about you?

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