Happy? Easter

Easter Sunday is normally a joyful day for Christians, theoretically. In their minds it’s the day their Savior rises from the dead to bring love and protection for all mankind forever. But this Easter is way different. This Easter I can’t help but ask–why are we being visited by a plague? How can we resume a normal life where we can rejoice on holidays and feast with our families?

A strange occurrence is also happening. The planet is happier absent humans. The skies are free of smog, herds of animals roam freely, the birds are basking in the warm sun happily singing songs of love. Can it be that Earth wants us to perish? To take back possession of nature and all the damage humans have done?

I hope there are lessons to be learned from this pandemic. I hope we can keep the planet free from smog, to fix the gaping income inequality, and barbaric healthcare system in the United States. I hope we rid ourselves of the malignant government we are currently suffering under. Easter Sunday is usually a time of hope and faith with the rising from the dead of the goodness that can smite evil. And smiting the evil in our midst is a must for our survival.

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