Strange times

Here we are once again finishing our annual trip around the sun. What have we learned on this journey? Unfortunately, not much. We still haven’t tried to tackle CO2 emissions even though scientists have given us dire warnings of imminent doom. We still allow crazy people to get their hands on guns and perform mass shootings. Our government looks like it will remain corrupt with a career criminal as president and the Republican party bankrolled by Russia and doing its bidding. In my long life, I have never seen our government being beholden to Russia. Russia used to be our arch enemy. I believe it still is but Putin is now rejoicing on how its propaganda machine and payouts to GOP legislators is working so well here to destroy our Democracy.

It looks like the United Kingdom will leave the EU causing all kinds of havoc as collateral damage, NATO is no longer strong, N. Korea is getting rambunctious, and the UN is anti-Semitic. The Israeli government is taking a page from our government and is corrupt in its chosen leader and its government is dissolving.

Bottom line the world is a mess.

I have hope though because without hope what is there? I have hope that good will conquer evil, that humans will figure out a way to slow down climate change and CO2 emissions before earth becomes uninhabitable, that countries will not blow each other off the face of the earth.

I have hope.

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