Is this real life or a sci-fi movie?

Stumbling out of bed, I sleepily go into the kitchen to get the kitties their breakfast. The sun was bright and the thick backyard grass visible through my lanai was a lush green. A bird was chirping loudly. A peaceful scene. A quiet Sunday morn. Turning on the espresso maker for two shots with foamy milk. Love my lattes. Sat down in my favorite chair still looking outside through my wall of glass, kitties satisfied napping in the sun. Grabbed my iPad and read yahoo news. Wham! We are living in the Sci-Fi movie called The Virus That Ate America.

We are now up to 6000 cases from under 2000, was it just last week? European countries are shutting down all restaurants and nonessential businesses, and even borders. We’ve blocked travel from Europeans to the US and now from the UK and Ireland. Americans are rushing home and making airport customs a nightmare petri dish of people. Schools are shut for as much as 8 weeks. There’s been a run on toilet paper and fresh vegetables.

We are at the edge of a panic. We must stay away from each other. Everything has become virtual overnight. Homeschooling online, college courses online, doctor visits online. Groceries, meals, clothing all delivered to our doors. Prisoners from touching and socializing face to face. Facetiming with family, replaces hugs.

A bad situation was made worse by an incompetent president. A narcissist who is more worried about reelection than this pandemic from a virus that started in China and has made its way around the globe like lightning. Highly contagious, the sci-fi strangeness is that symptoms are quite broad. You can feel nothing, no sickness but be a carrier. Feel like you have a bad flu, or become so ill you can’t breathe with complications from pneumonia and die.

How can we deal with this uncertainty? We can’t. There is panic, there is depression, and there is remaining in denial, like our WH. The corrupt mendacity of this unfit president has as his motivations for refusing testing kits from WHO: 1. his reelection because it would look bad if there were too many cases here after he called the virus fears a hoax 2. his financial interest in a lab company, and 3. the Kushner family owning a company that could make these kits.

Right now we can mitigate this carnage brought on by this carnival barker, game show host president by voting him out on Nov to save ourselves and this planet and also we can  relax and read a good book. I happen to have three that I can recommend. Walking with Elephants a lighthearted tale about the serious work/family issues women face today, Sunspots, a love story of loss and redemption, and When a Stranger Comes… a Faustian tale about greed in modern society. All are award-winning books that you will enjoy.

I hope I can finish my last works in a two book series because I am in a high risk group for succumbing from this virus should I get it. Let’s hope the sequel to this movie is called After the Virus Came a New World of Hope and Love.

One thought on “Is this real life or a sci-fi movie?

  1. Hi. I hope all is well with you and your family during this pandemic we are going through. It’s a rough time for us all now. We have to be safe. But I see your passion for writing. An I am a writer also just publish my first to books independently. But I would like for you if you could check them out an let me know your opinion . I’m new to this publishing stuff. But I love to write since I was 15 yrs old. You be safe an keep writing this breath talking storys. My books are When Strangers Come To Town : A Parents Nightmare an Taken From Me they are really good stories .

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