Being a writer in the time of Covid–or any other time

Everyday, I check my sales. Pretty stupid and depressing. Sometimes there is a Kindle Unlimited reader or two, and just the other day there was an unexpected surprise–two paperback sales from expanded distribution where my royalty is about a buck. Unless I pay for an email promotion there are no random sales. I’m having several social media promos right now and nothing, zilch, nada. I drop my price to 99 cents and still nothing so then I pop it back up. What’s the point of just throwing my hours of creativity away for a measly 99 cents before Amazon takes its cut if it doesn’t spur sales?

So I now I’m  working on what I think will be my last project and trying to be motivated. It’s hard in the time of Covid to write fiction when you feel like you are living in a dystopia nightmare. People willy nilly get the virus. Most don’t know how. People die quickly, people take time to die and suffer greatly, and people get better. No one knows why there are differences. And low and behold there are some people who have it and nothing happens to them. No symptoms. Unknown carriers of death. If that makes a person want to just stay in bed, I get it. But there are people who want to get out, still think it’s a hoax because their brains haven’t ripened and they believe the monster in the WH who doesn’t give a crap about anyone. So they go out, don’t wear masks, and breathe all over everyone. Killers they are.

Toilet paper shortages, paper towel shortages, and now a break in our food supply. It’s like right outside my window there are riots and looting. Chaos in the streets. Mayhem. Well not yet but it feels like any moment it will happen because the government has failed us with shutting down businesses and not getting money fast enough into peoples hands so they can go to the store and not find toilet paper or food. Empty shelves getting emptier.

So why would anyone want to spend three bucks of the money they don’t have to buy a book? My book? Well, we all need something to do. Why not read? And really, why not read one of my books? They are really good, I say humbly. If you can’t buy Charmin you can use the money for a Kindle book or buy the paperback and recycle it for TP after you’ve finished.

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