Building back better with Biden

So here we are, nearly the first week of America putting itself right. Evil in the presidency has been extracted. Now, we must expel the seditious creatures of the GOP in the Senate and the House. Never in my lifetime have I seen an attempted coup in this country perpetuated by the president and his legislative sycophants. Disgusting and horrifying. And for what and whom? A failed businessman, a failed TV host, a failed husband. The lowest level of humanity who only thinks of his own greed and selfishness. Why him? What is wrong with people to choose to give up all dignity and love of this country for a slimy con man. I’ll never understand the attraction. Growing up in NYC we all thought Donald Trump was a publicity seeking joke. Hopefully, he will get what he deserves for taking up space and not performing the duties of the office, and inciting a coup.

It’s not even been one week that Biden has been in office and he has done more for Americans than trump did in four years. The Dreamers will have a path to citizenship and so will illegal aliens, vaccine production is ramping up as well as distribution, transgender military will not be kicked out, construction of the stupid, evil wall has been stopped, the Muslim travel ban has been eliminated, immigrant children torn from their parents will be found and returned, we rejoined the Paris Accord and Who.

If you’re a bigot and cruel you may not be happy with these changes but if you’re an American that knew our country once had a heart and morals, you, like me, will be proud to call yourself an American again.

I will hopefully live to see my America return to the country it once was and all the people filled with so much hate will go back into the shadows and stay. I also hope more people will be peeled off from that festering hatred and won’t be voted into government as public servants when they hate the public. I got my first dose of the vaccine the other day and I just might be able to say that I survived the COVID 19 Pandemic, no thanks to trump who tried his best to kill me.

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