Croatia trip, finally got COVID

It was magical. Everything said about Dubrovnik is true. Sparkling blue water is everywhere. Rivers and waterfalls. A poetic dream of natural and manmade beauty. My daughter and I set out on this adventure, just the two of us. We had planned to go in 2020 but everyone’s plans changed after COVID appeared. This part of the world was called Yugoslavia when I was growing up and people had the same response then. This area is a feast for the eyes. Sadly the fairly recent war from 1992 to 1995 has left scars. The breakup of Yugoslavia into republics of Muslims and Christians brought unrest and then war. Buildings still have holes in the facade from weapons of war. This small crowded geographical area has always been an area of conflict over the centuries. It’s a shame that such a visible paradise hides the anger ready to explode into the public sphere at any time. One can only hope that peace will prevail in this most lovely wonder of natural beauty.

I came back to the States with COVID. I had gotten sick on the trip and apparently, my immune system was compromised and COVID was waiting. All these years, my husband and I never got it. Well, I walked off the plane with a sore throat, tested positive the next day and that aggressive bug infected him on the way home from the airport. We both took PAXLOVID and got better in a few days. Still have some fatigue but we are among the living. Besides flights being canceled but then rescheduled and finally getting COVID, it was a great trip.

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