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Hi Everyone:

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been blogging about writing and other musings for years. Unfortunately, I lost all my past blogs because  Yahoo Small Business was my host and they destroyed my connection to my blog and couldn’t fix it. I moved to GoDaddy and   starting from scratch until someone directed me to internet archives. Recovered most of my old blogs. Hallelujah! Happy me. I’m a writer of fiction, mostly for women. My first book, Walking with Elephants, was inspired by the crazy world of corporate America and what working mothers have to give up to have careers. It’s not that way in other civilized countries. Paid maternity leave is the norm and for at least a year. My second novel, Sunspots, is about a young woman who loses her husband in a tragic accident and was, unfortunately, an experience that happened to me. The novel explores the heartache, ultimate healing, and finally obtaining  happiness–an echo of my life. I throw in some suspense to spice up the narrative.

My third novel is DONE!! Just this week. When a Stranger Comes…is a psychological thriller. The story focuses on a successful writer who’s not satisfied and wants more of everything. She winds up inadvertently making a pact with the Devil himself. I think it will be a fun read and I also got a chance to vent about our changing climate and the extinction of species.


Stay tuned.


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