Shutdown and other things

So today, we have a partial government shutdown. Apparently, the third time this year. What I can’t figure out is how this president gets any support from anybody. He seems to be taking orders from Vladimir Putin. Learned all his catch phrases and tactics from him like Fake Media and dividing the country with lies. He has made the Democratic party his scapegoat for all the ills he has perpetrated himself. The GOP follow like sheep and do not call him out. Money from Russia has been funneled to them through the NRA. This now is known. So what is going on with our government? Why is Russia calling the shots? The populace will soon find out and it won’t be good for this president. For me, it can’t happen soon enough.

Om another note, I’m running a bargain basement sale on all my books through the holidays. For the low price of $0.99 per book, you can read my life’s work. My debut Walking with Elephants is a lighthearted slice-of-life story that brings to the table the serious work/family issues facing women today. Although written in the ’90s it is, unfortunately, still true today. We have not solved the dilemma of blending family and work for women in this country. Sunspots explores the heartache of losing a spouse after just a few years of marriage and how some women lose their identity when they get married making the adjustment to being suddenly single that much harder. When a Stranger Comes…is an allegory for the evil lurking in our midst. The social decay of modern society with its excessive greed, the ignorance of our political leaders, and our indifference toward the survival of all species from the effects of climate change, among other environmental pressures, are perhaps brought forth by the darkest forces of human nature. The narrative follows the trials of author Alexa Wainwright who is tricked into signing a book contract with the devil himself. Reviews are always needed and welcome.

I hope this Christmas does not find you in distress from the shut down. It does not affect everyone but those affected will be hurting. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for a government that does not work for the people but only works for those in power. Those who want a job for life. A government that uses scare tactics to pull people to their side by making the basic tenet of this country a fear mongering tactic. We, as a country, have always welcomed asylum seekers. My ancestors fled Greece and Russia for a better life. They did not apply beforehand but came on ships to Ellis Island. They were not brown. This is what this presidency really thinks–brown people are inferior, keep America white. But they are not as scary as portrayed. Not at all. I personally know many, sweet loving people who do the jobs no one wants. In fact, Trump hires undocumented brown people at his country clubs. God willing, come January, the Democratic Party which a is a party of the working class will bring caring back into this country. Caring for the refugee, caring for the poor, and caring for each other. Madam Liberty bears witness to that enshrined in the poem posted on her for all to read, it starts. “Give us your tired, your poor….”

A joyous holiday full of love and loved ones is wished for you all.

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