Yea for the groundhog

What a relief, a short winter. For those in the frozen parts of this country that’s very welcome news. I live in North Florida and temps in the low 40s feel cold. But I remember bone-chilling temps when we lived in NJ. We counted our blessings here this week that going outside was not deadly. But we have other climate worries in Florida–water. We have a lake house in north central Florida that over the years has seen drought-like conditions that has shrunk the depth and circumference of the lake. It was sad to witness. But lo and behold we have had a lot of rain last year and this year. And the lakes are coming back. Wonderfully back. But then I started thinking. Will there be too much rain? Will the lake grow to swallow our house? Will we pray for no rain again?

The climate crisis is real. The effects will be felt not if but when. Streets in Miami already flood during high tide. How far inland will the flooding creep? When will that happen? Eons ago, the entire state of Florida was under water. A gigantic hole two-thirds the size of Manhattan was discovered in the Thwaites Glacier in Antartica. This glacier alone could cause a ten foot rise in sea level. Coastal cities and islands can become submerged. Government officials that think we are not in a crisis will be dead by the time our planet is compromised. Young people realize the danger and are starting to make us old people think about what can be done. Because young people will be dealing with the crisis in real time. Dealing with the survival of our species.

Earth supports human life, but that can change. All the dead planets floating in space are a testament to how precious life is. We are throwing it away by polluting our atmosphere and we are close to a tipping point where change will escalate faster than we can adapt. We may never adapt.

Why are humans so stupid? I fear for my grandchildren. Call your Congressmen and women, your Senators. Tell them to put climate crisis on the agenda. It is not a hoax.

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