Something might be changing–bigtime

As I watch the Democrats primary process, I’m sensing that a moment in history might be upon us. Are we witnessing a quiet revolution? I’ve had enough of the same old thing,  going on? We are suffering under the worst president in living memory. A man who is losing his faculties right before our eyes but who is at the same time becoming more despotic and moving our government toward dictatorship. A mad king, if you will, supported by greedy power hungry mobsters. Against this push toward autocracy and authoritarianism we have the Dems and their message of inclusion, equality, justice, and a healthcare system that is available to us all.

Chief among them pushing this message is Bernie Sanders who has been pushing this same message his entire adult life. But now people are really listening. The masses seem to really want this change. Civilized countries usually have followed the U.S.’s lead but in this ideology, we are woefully behind. In other countries a catastrophic illness will not bankrupt you, universities are mostly tuition free, the cost of living is doable, and they are still democracies.

The MSM is afraid of Bernie. Why? They like to tell everyone how he went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon, how he has said positive things about Castro, that his political ideology is really Communism not Democratic Socialism. Why are they lying? We all know for a fact that trump glorifies Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, among other dictators. Is trump  really a Commie? Why don’t the MSM harp on that? Trump is dismantling whatever healthcare system we have remaining from the ACA. He wants to take way protections for pre-existing conditions. He has destroyed our intelligence community, our judiciary, our economy with soaring deficits, our alliances. He has destroyed all our government agencies so that the EPA pushes to help the oil companies and to dirty our drinking water, destroyed our State Department, and the CDC so that if the coronavirus hits the US we are understaffed to do much. He has deconstructed the administrative state that Bannon wanted him to do. He alone remains to fix it, but he is woeful ill-equipped mentally to do so. Will he a create a Gestapo to help him? To arrest his foes?

But there is Bernie with a groundswell of people rallying behind him saying. Hell NO! We want our country back. We want to be able to go to the hospital and not come out broke, we want a higher education and not come out broke. The way is was when I, an old woman now, was growing up. Medicare for all is a great idea but we didn’t invent it. It’s the way things have been in Europe and Great Britain for decades. You can be a bartender in London and have healthcare just for living there.

I think Americans are tired of living in this elitist society. Where money talks, where having money is the goal, where greed is the motivation for all things. I hope and pray that this election throws out the evil despot destroying out democracy and is replaced by sanity, equality, and unity, and above all else a healthcare system that works for everyone.


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