Once upon a time, there was a country called the United States of America. It stood for freedom from tyranny, for law and order, and had a democratic form of government. Each state had its own government and all the states were overseen by the federal government. Federal laws superseded states’s laws but in general, all worked together in harmony.  Then one day, a group of greedy wealthy men decided the United States of America needed fixing. What they didn’t like was that people of color, non-Christians, and women were getting too much power by getting elected and gaining wealth. What to do? How about rallying behind a bigoted idiot who could be bought easily and loved dictators. Offer this idiot the world for the small price of following an agenda carefully laid out in a manifesto called Project 2025. Years in the making this manifesto destroys democratic concepts by turning our democracy into Christofascism. Women lose all rights to bodily autonomy, non-Christians and the undocumented are thrown into camps, voting rights for POC are taken away, there is no separation of church and state,  and the president is given kingly powers.

Once the idiot is put in place this power will continue because the mechanism for change, elections will be discontinued. The wealthy Christian Oligarchs will control everything and never let go of their power while increasing their wealth. The only danger for them will be a Putin-style dictator in the future who can outsmart them and have them fall from a window from time to time with no accountability because of the king powers they put in place. What will we call this new country? Trumpistan? LeonardLeocorp? Northland of Christians?

We are seeing the progression of this agenda in the deconstruction of the administrative state by gutting our protective regulations that cost corporations money. Allowing an insurrectionist running for president a get-out-of-jail-free card. Making the teaching of the Christian bible mandatory in public schools and removing life-saving health care for women. This is happening now. This is not a scary dystopia. The idiot had been identified and all flaws kept out of the MSM. Flaws like raping young girls on Epstein’s island and in his NYC townhouse. Accepting bribes for pardons, stealing top-secret info, and selling it to our enemies. Slow walking his trials so he will never be given a prison sentence.


This is who we are now after Monday’s SCOTUS decisions. The idiot is Donald Trump. Vote Blue, it’s our only chance out of this mess. Keeping the idiot out of office will destroy the agenda of the Christofascists. Let’s not make this July 4th celebration our last.

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