The great mask war of 2020

The presidency of donald trump will be remembered as the most scandalous in modern history. The litany of scandals range from his campaign managers getting prison terms, to pushing harmful ways to kill the COVID-19 virus to hiring shady characters in key position who wind up resigning in disgrace or pushed out because they weren’t sycophantic enough.  But the worst thing this con man has done was to make not wearing a mask a sign of loyalty to him. One would have to wonder at the cognitive dissonance of his supporters, in other words, how stupid are his followers? How could wearing a mask in a pandemic that will not subside in this country be an area of contention?

When we look around at the world, we find that masks have flattened the curve, that opening economies with caution have kept the virus contained when spiking in isolated areas and from becoming a full blown infection spread like in this country. We are back to square one in the USA. We stayed home for nothing, our economy tanked for nothing, people lost their jobs for nothing.

Blatantly stupid republican leaders seeking favor from our demented president took the stance that masks were unnecessary. So going without masks became an iconic demonstration of support for an idiot, for death, and for the virus to wreak havoc until there’s a vaccine or proven therapy. Months of infection and death await us.

So good for you republicans. You win the support of your cult-like sheep. Venture out and become murderers, infect your loved ones, follow the lead of an idiot. I hope you’re happy when states close again because there are no more ICU beds. I hope you can be proud of your stupidity when restaurants close and never re-open. I hope you survive COVID when you eventually get it. But you probably won’t survive. You are lemmings following a moron to your death. You might, also, take high risk people like me who wear masks along with you, because widespread infection will be hard to escape no matter what. Trump will be convicted of bank fraud and tax fraud when he is no longer president. You gave your life for a low-life criminal. You gave your life for nothing but your own blind stupidity.

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