The light at the end of the tunnel, I hope

Well, I got my second shot. Yea! Now I don’t think I need to worry about dying from COVID but I can still get it according to Fauci concerning mutant strains. Hopefully the labs will devise a booster vaccine that will protect from those pesky mutants. But I’m feeling good right now. At least I know what I can die from are the normal things like heart attack, cancer, and strokes. This life’s journey is really a trip. Once you finally get the hang of it death awaits. And I’m kind of angry that this year was stolen from me. Couldn’t hug my kids and grandkids, couldn’t travel to exotic lands. And I love to travel while I can still walk…barely. Thank goodness for FaceTime.

I did get to hug my youngest who broke though her parents’ fear and traveled from a far off country dressed like an astronaut on her flight and quarantined until she got a negative test.  Then we took off our masks and hugged and hugged. Wow, that felt good. I’m planning kids’ visits for this summer. Joyful. Joy is coming back into our lives. Thank you scientists for saving earthlings. I totally don’t understand those who created science fiction horror stories surrounding the vaccine and refuse to take it. These people can choose getting infected and I won’t cry a tear. I’ve got my bubble.

I’m making great strides in finishing my latest novel and plan to send out a few query letters. I created a dynamite cover so I may just go directly to self-published as are all my other works. For some reason no one is reading my books in Kindle Unlimited or buying my books. But I have to remind myself that I didn’t die from COVID so where there’s life there’s hope.


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