A slight shift towards positive change, but more will come–I’m sure

I’m sensing that with the muzzling of that hateful former guy because he lost the election (thank goodness–really) some positiveness  is creeping through in the universe. Some truths are edging into the collective mindset. The lies and cheating of one party is being uncovered, the lies and cheating of the former guy are close to indictments. Even with the horrible murder this week of Asian women that was probably motivated by racism that horror has brought forth outrage by the masses by revealing the seething racism that must be challenged. Talking about these tough subjects and bringing them to light is the only way to grow more accepting. Putting a face on the victims of hatred make them human and more your brother than your enemy. This is moving us in the right direction but we are far from where we should be in this year 2021 or in the Hebrew calendar 5781. But now that evil is being exposed for all to see in the party that whole-heartedly supports the former guy people are wising up.

Mitch McConnell is having a bad time. The Russian company that was building an aluminum plant in Kentucky is backing out. I wonder what deal Mitch made that now makes him look like a fool and his wife is being investigated for corruption while in trump’s cabinet. Merrick Garland is now the Attorney General looking into all the crimes perpetrated in government over the last four years. Outspoken republicans are now considered white supremacist bigots. For shame.

Ideas are being tossed around that will help the American people and not line the pockets of the president. Getting rid of the filibuster, universal healthcare, voting rights for all people. Let’s see what can be done but I feel optimistic. I don’t watch the news as much because I no longer worry that there will be a military coup or that Russia will take over this country. That climate change will be ignored, that our allies have turned their backs on us. Returning to normal is calming and good.

I’m happier, more at ease, and about to finish my latest book project. We are talking about having the kids and grand kids visit this summer or going to see them. Masks will be coming off. And I made it to my 74th birthday this month by not getting sick with COVID.

Simple pleasures that I am blessed to be able to enjoy.


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