The holiday season is about to begin

I’m looking toward to this holiday season because the pandemic has passed over the vaccinated. A family member got break through Covid but was fully vaccinated and recovered in less that two weeks. This is truly the miracle of the season. We are coming back to life around the world. Christmas markets are being built in Germany, travel has mostly resumed, and once again we can celebrate the joy of living. For those who cherish disinformation and refuse to get vaccinated, you are tempting fate. A lot of you will die or suffer lingering effects. But I am not afraid of you any longer. The vaccine works. You can play roulette with the virus but I chose not to. I got the booster, traveled to visit my son and his family in LA, and came back just fine. I even went to crowded events like Immersion van Gogh and Disneyland. We wore masks and showed our vaccine cards. Sanity works.

So I will be looking forward to being happier this holiday season. Dining at a restaurant for Thanksgiving and who knows what else I will imbibe. It’s good, no great to being back to normal. I say a big bold thank you to the medical profession for the powerful vaccines and now treatment in a pill. They are heroes. There is hope again for the future except for the pending climate crisis. But I’m thinking that if the mind of men and women can knock out a vaccine for a plague in so short a time, maybe we can thwart the ravages of a climate crisis.

So hats off to us! Let’s spread some good cheer, get vaccinated, mask up, and love each other this holiday season. And be grateful above all else.

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