It’s all magical

One can certainly take note of all the negativity and strife we are going through as a nation. We are bombarded with aggravation from our government, a pesky virus that remains a threat to those who live in a fog, and a deepening concern for weird weather patterns and its impact on our geographic footprint. What to do?

I thought about all this unrest that has become prevalent and egged on under the last administration and that is still fostering hate for each other. To win public office by any means, lying, cheating, and fostering animosity among the American electorate. I must admit, I myself succumbed to despising those that pushed hated, which in itself is the definition of irony.

What can we do to break this cycle? I took a step backward and thought of our history as a beacon of democracy and realized we have been through this before. This nation has never really learned the lessons of our history. Never really advanced our thinking. Many of us still dwell in the mindset of the Civil War and Jim Crow. Many of us are wary of the foreigner who has blessed our shores for decades and dealt with feeling unwelcome. Thus, we have swathes of neighborhoods in cities that are uniformly this or that foreign group who like herds in nature understand the safety in numbers.

If we all just stopped taking for granted that we are living sentient beings with the ability to communicate with each other, brilliant enough to create magical devices like flying ships, cures for deadly diseases, and globally connected devices where we can see our loved ones anywhere and talk to them, we would bless this moment of being in this time and space.

We no longer live in caves, our life expectancy has been lengthened by medical advances, food and water are easily available (for now), news of the day no longer needs to arrive by pony express. Let make the most of it. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s really love our neighbor like ourselves and “do unto others as we would do to ourselves.” Ignore the hate mongers, remove those from office that are full of selfish greed, make living in this century the utopia it should be by now.

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