Coming around again

2022 awaits. A year of hope and promise after several years of quarantines and lockdowns. The vaccines work. The president is sane. The economy is getting back on track. There are no more bread lines. People are headed back to the office. Broadway shows are playing again. Travel is beginning to thrive. I’ve hugged all my kids after a long drought of not seeing them. I finished another book. The future seems bright.

But this is what I hope for in 2022:

Democracy survives. This is a big hope. There are too many Nazi-type people marching about spewing hate and wanting to overthrow our government. Why do they want to be under the thumb of a dictator? Why don’t they want personal freedom? Because they hate and want to subjugate people who aren’t white and Christian. but they don’t realize how bad it will be for all of us if trump and his henchmen get their way. We will revert to a feudal society where we are are enslaved by the oligarchs for their own pleasure and greed. I hope trump and his treasonous lackeys end up in prison for many years. I hope more anti-vaxxers get vaccinated and the virus just becomes an annoyance. I hope the Dems stay in power and keep passing legislation to make our lives better.

These are fingers crossed hopes because the insidiousness of evil remains within our populace with gusto. Let’s replace hate with love. Greed with generosity.  Division with kinship.

I will start by sending all of you love, joy, and health for the New Year. Come join me, won’t you?

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