A new year but old problems

New Year’s Eve, pop the champagne, sing joyful melodies, hug, kiss, throw streamers. But…what’s going on? Where’s the “New” in New Year’s? First word that comes to mind, and we all know it, an acronym to be precise, is COVID!!!! Delta, schmelta, omicron, or flurona (flu and Covid). We are not free of it. Getting vaccinated is important because most people who are vaccinated don’t die of it but older people still might. The unvaccinated are still quite prevalent so variants will evolve. Can’t wrap my head around the anti-vaxxers. They will shove fast-food hamburgers in their mouths, that have god-knows-what in them, but balk at the science of the jab. They have made Fauci into a pariah. He should walk away and not care about the masses of idiots. He’s earned his retirement. So many years now of ordering in food and binge watching TV. I want my normal life back of going to restaurants, movies, the mall on occasion, and traveling with my husband.

For some their risk threshold is higher than mine. I see friends on Facebook posing in restaurants, on cruise ships, and just out and about. As if COVID were not lurking in the shadows, some new strain that is lethal to people whose name starts with the letter “K” like me. Just too nerve wracking to be at war with an unseen virus that is beating the sh*t out of us.

Then there’s all the continued hate in politics. I long for a time when I didn’t watch the news about politics  and didn’t care. I grew up reading books about the suffering during the holocaust and worry about this country becoming like Nazi Germany stirred on by the TFG and the GOP. Dems can’t get it done with traitors in their midst paid for with dark money. Without voting rights we are doomed as a democracy.

The hold conservatives have on the Supreme is more than worrying. The leaders of Jan. 6th still not indicted, TFG still having hate rallies and not indicted and planning to run again even though the 14th Amendment states no one who has tried to overthrow the govt can be in government. How can one guy who has always been a con, immoral, and deemed a clown in NYC have this much hold on our country? The Apprentice destroyed America by creating a false image of an outlaw that is worshiped by those who hate our democracy.

Scary times and not very “new” feeling from 2021 or the year before that even.

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