What we can change

That old adage about realizing what we have the power to change has never been truer than right now. We are unglued as a nation. Falling apart at the seams. I believe the pandemic lockdown and the viruses attack on our brains accompanied by the previous president’s feeding and stirring up the inbred hatred of a swath of Americans has put us in this moment. So what can we do to change things? For one, we can vote for democrats. Democrats push the policies that people want. Gun control, a women’s right to choose, social security and medicare, Obamacare, voting rights and more.

But we can also change the everyday in our lives. Bring a sweetness to ourselves and our families. Acknowledge those most important to us. Sit in nature and unwind from the news. In my case, I had my cataracts removed and had corrective lenses implanted and I will no longer need glasses!! I’ve been needing sight correction since the third grade! My sweet kitty was displaying some colon problems that a Manx cat is prone to have because they have no tails. I thought she was a goner but Miralax has saved her life and we can hug and kiss her for awhile longer. It makes my heart swell that we found a way to save her every time I see her just being a lazy cat not realizing she was at death’s door.

It’s the little things that can bring joy. Certainly ridding ourselves of greedy politicians and having Putin go down in flames would be justice but it’s not something that can be done by one person. So do what you can do everyday to make YOUR world livable in the way YOU want. Eat that ice cream, take that walk, stay away from crowds that attract shooters, kiss your kids and the one’s special to you in the real world or on FaceTime. Watch Maverick streaming from your Home Screen in your pajamas. The arc of the universe eventually bends toward justice or we wouldn’t be here now.

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