For love of this country

Golda Meir, the Prime Minister of Israel once wisely said, fighting will stop with the Palestinians when they love their children more than they hate us. This is true today in America. When the trump cult finally realize that he is bad for America, that fascism is bad for their children, that hate breeds more hate, they might walk away from his mind control. Why would anyone want to give up personal freedom? Why would anyone want to stifle their children from living full and loving lives?

It’s hard to understand the thrall with Hitler that Republicans have. History has been clear that he was an evil man with evil ideas for humanity. These white supremacists want to fashion this country after Hitler’s Germany. Even Germany doesn’t want to do that. Nazi ideas, slogans, and symbols are against the law there. As it should be. trump has appealed to the dregs of society that feel victimized by anyone who succeeds. They identify with the hateful vile and putrid language of trump but he just uses those people for his own ends. He is a cheat, a criminal, a liar, and a traitor. Russia wants their boy back in power. Russia is our enemy.

This country has provided change and growth for all who engage. People in this  country can band together to seek change, work for change sometimes from the bottom up.  Under fascism there is no collective spirit. The masses exist for the pleasure of the rulers. Republicans want to be oligarchs with trump the puppet for Putin. It’s all about greed and money but not for the people they are duping right now. They will be worse off. There will be no helping hand, no safety net, and perhaps if your skin is the wrong color, only death awaits.

Love this country and your lives more than you believe trump and the republican lies.

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