Multiverses, AI and chat GPT

Scientists have posed theories that there are infinite alternate universes or multiverses. Where there are infinite choices the probability that there is a universe exactly like ours with a copy of yourself going about life irrespective of your life here is a probability of 100%. But what if there is more than just one? Why if there are several yous going about several different types of lives. The film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” explores this notion in its gripping narrative involving an ordinary family who is shown their extraordinary journey of multiple lives. How intriguing to imagine this possibility. Wouldn’t we all be curious to see ourselves living an alternate life in a parallel universe? My current novel explores this strange idea of multiple universes and what is real. “The Girl Who Outran the Rain” is in its early stages and I had some blocks to how the narrative would progress.

I decided to try AI to help me with this dilemma and went to the website Chat GPT to ask for help in developing a plot. I asked two different questions framed differently and within seconds, it gave me plots for two different stories. In seconds. What does this mean for future humans’ contribution to the arts? Will we be redundant? Replaced by machines that can whip out a story in no time? Right now scientists believe that we will create robots that have complete autonomy and will be considered alive and that turning a robot off could be considered murder. Where will the pro-life anti-abortionists take that concept?

The future will be an interesting place. Hopefully, AI technology will help humans solve the end-of-the-world scenario of global climate change. With the help of AI maybe we can finally remove the threat of war and mutual destruction. After all, these robots need humans to create them so they can live and prosper on a healthy planet.

Or do they?


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