Good and evil

How has it happened that evil thinking has taken over the House of Representatives while good is barely holding on in the Senate. Why is the GOP evil? Why do they want to reverse the cap of the cost of insulin? Keep guns in the hands of everyone? Stop women from getting life-saving healthcare? Decide many life affirming problems by denying gender affirming surgery? How did this evil thinking blossom? And why do many American embrace a government takeover of our personal choices and freedoms? I do not exist to please anyone but myself with my choices or inflict pain on anyone with MY choices. So why does the GOP want to hurt me for thinking differently about the world? Worldviews come from personal experience, freedom, and tolerance. Yet the Republican Party demonstrates zero tolerance, zero capacity to refrain from autocratic tendencies to subject the populace to do their bidding, think their thoughts, live the lives THEY demand from us. A world where there is bigotry, hate, ignorance and the pursuit of ignorance as in banning books, banning identities. These are thoughts that were popular in the Middle Ages, in the early 1900s. We have grown as a society to be more accepting. But the GOP has chosen to throw away progress of thought, to become a cult of evil actions and terror. Any republican in our government right now is capable of moving into this century but chooses to remain in a time warp of hate and division. Americans can remember those times and most of us are glad they are over or at least we thought they were. Donald Trump has ushered in this evil to rise again and found many willing haters to join him. They are the current GOP and it is sickening.

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