Our democracy is hanging by a thread so is it really a happy fourth?

We can all agree that our country is having a moment. We are infested and infected with fascists in our government, electorate, and president wannabes. It started by electing a Russian asset and Putin’s desire to destroy our democracy. Had that lowlife criminal been reelected, Putin’s wish would have been granted and I wouldn’t be able to write this blog. As it stands, the republican party is still making headway toward fascism by taking away freedoms, privacy, and self-determination through  the now-corrupt Supreme Court. Think of all the wars we have fought to remain free and the freedom to make our own choices for how we want to live. All the wars, all the lives lost to maintain our freedoms. We also progressed internally and grew as a people to treat each other fairly and as equals. We felt satisfied that we had accomplished so much on the right side of history.

But now that’s all under threat.

There is an evil element within our culture. Wealthy Russia has bought many members of the Republican Party in Congress. Bought greedy elected officials who switched their loyalties from supporting democracy to supporting a fascist oligarchy to maintain the wealth they’ve already amassed. And then there are the sheep who graze among the enlightened who are clueless in understanding how they are being duped, being lied to with fearmongering, hysteria, and conspiracies. They have been fooled into thinking their lives would be better with a dictator embodied in a person who never has demonstrated concern for anyone but himself. His motto is: me,me,me, mine, mine, mine, money, money, money, worship me. Ask any Russian if Putin made their life better as they are thrown out of a window falling to their death, or cannon fodder for a war started by Putin’s megalomania, or arrested for speaking their mind.

Our country is at a crossroads. We must stamp out the dark side and turn them toward the light. Dems must take majorities in both houses and the WH in the next election. We must turn the clock to the present day and move the needle to restore the freedoms we just lost and to keep from losing anymore. WE FOUGHT ALL THESE YEARS TO BE A FREE DEMOCRACY. We can’t give up now.

GOD BLESS AMERICA (I hope and pray)

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