Miracles, anger, and confusion

My husband and I have been empty nesters for about ten years after raising four kids. During this time, a feral kitty, the dark one, we call Notee, adopted us and then she had a litter. We kept one of the kittens and took the other two to a shelter. These kitties have no tails (that’s why I named the mama cat Notee for no tail) and are called Manx cats. Not having a tail can cause problems because the nerve endings are messed up where the tail should be. So these kitties are prone to get a condition known as megacolon, where the colon stretches out and cannot push out the poo. This happened to the gray kitty in the photo. We call her Rocky because of the raccoon-like markings around her eyes. This year she turned 12 years old and began to suffer from Megacolon. I thought she was a goner and we would have to put her to sleep. Here’s the miracle. There is now a surgical treatment to rearrange her intestines by removing the colon and attaching the small intestine to her anus. A miracle. Rocky lives, enjoys her meals, her naps, and hanging out with us. There were hardly any post-operation problems and she became her cute little self almost immediately. Her poos keep getting more normal. I’m so happy we decided to have her get the surgery. We love her and get to love her a little longer. The mama kitty has never exhibited any problems with Megacolon. Whew!

Why am I angry and confused in light of this miracle? I’m so sick of trump nonstop pushing his way into the news. I’m confused that there are actually people in our government that will lie about Jan 6 when we all watched it live on TV.  Do they think we are completely stupid? I want my life back when I didn’t have to worry every day that this country will become a dictatorship and Jews will be sent to camps like in Nazi Germany. So much hatred and bigotry coming from the right these days, so I try and focus on the miracle of my little kitty. She fills my heart with such joy if I don’t watch the news or read the news on X.

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