Will humanity win?

Most of us have people we love and who love us. This makes us human and lucky to be alive. Connecting with other humans is key to happiness and peacefulness. But the message voiced in churches, synagogues, and mosques is to love one another even if we are not related or dear friends. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, the Golden Rule. Why do we have to be taught this in houses of worship? In our Bibles? Because humans have never been able to do this. Even when our religion tells us to behave this way over and over and over again. We use our different religions as a wedge, as a separation, a division between us and them.  We only do unto others of whom we approve. Who believe the way we do. Look the way we do and think the way we do. And when we stir up these divisions, evil actions take over, and evil bonding becomes the mindset within groups. Right now in this country, one party has taken the position that if they do not approve of something it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels. I don’t want my child reading this book so no child can read it. I think every woman should be forced to give birth even if it causes her death, so make that apply to all women. I don’t like what I think is a military policy so I will force the entire military to come to a standstill. I think that guns should not be regulated so all people must live in a gun culture.

The evil of hatred has been given the light of day and the source is one man who refuses to get out of the way. A man who would sell his soul and the American people for wealth and power. And this sickness has been passed down to those who have decided to make this demagogue a god. They worship what they see as a world made in their image of bigotry and intolerance, anti-science, and anti-democracy. An autocratic world of the haves and the havenots thinking they will be the ones that have something. But they are being conned as conmen always con.

This greedy and evil thinking has become prevalent in the world as well. Supporters of Palestine claim that Israel has created an apartheid state to get the sympathy of the world. That Palestinians are victims. But Palestinians who live in Israel do not experience apartheid. They are in the government, they are judges, doctors, university students, and members of the military. These Palestinians do not have as their mission in life to annihilate Israel and kill all Jews like the ones in Gaza and the West Bank. But the message of their victimization has been easily accepted by the West and now there are people chanting in the world’s major cities to kill all the Jews. For millennium, hating the Jews has always brought people together. A common theme used by con men to take advantage of the sheeple who believe the convenient lies. And today even after the world was shown the barbaric actions of Palestinians killing and maiming, reports of beheaded babies, they chant “Kill the Jews.”

Just like the Russian dictator who has made his subjects the Republican Party through the pouring in of cash and the promise of ultimate power. His personal desire to rule the world has taken over any logical thinking of the purchased politicians to throw away everything America stands for and has managed to have a shot at putting his asset back in the WH. It’s all of a piece. Fund the hatred in Israel, fund the dirty politicians of the U.S., attack Ukraine, a democratic neighboring country, and make strides in the minds of people through lies, deceit, and personal greed.

I don’t know if humanity will win this war of survival with the ease with which evil has taken root. Subjugation and living in filth so that a few can live in splendor will be the end of civilized society. In the year 2023, one would have thought we would finally understand that doing unto others has always been the answer that has never been practiced throughout the history of man. It doesn’t bode well for the future of our existence. I pray we figure this out for my grandchildren because we all will be facing the same climate crisis when it reaches the tipping point of no return. This crisis will not differentiate “good” or “evil”, rich or poor, ruler or peasant.

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