Summer, the eclipse, and wag the dog

Last night I drove my eldest son and granddaughter to the airport. Fertig, done. The last guests gone. Back to normal. I love when my kids visit, but I’m used to a lifestyle now of doing my own thing. It happens when you get old. A perfect situation would be that they all live close and can visit often and then go home. Alas, that is not the case. So visits are are a big megillah. A change of from the normal to the special with lots to do and lots of meals to plan–in my case we ate out a lot, luckily. Now its just the hubs and me. Quiet, boring, lovely. I can get back to my project of making an audible book, preparing my latest work to self-publish, and writing my next book. In-between, I shop online, watch streaming video, and follow the cray, cray news on this cray, cray government. And of course, cherish my FaceTime calls. Because after all is said and done, I miss those kids!

The eclipse yesterday was a natural phenomenon with supernatural implications. I watched in wonder as day turned to night when totality struck the cities in its path. The sky got darker here but we never went to totality, so watching it on tv was the only experience available, but still amazing. This universe and its mysteries was encapsulated in the eclipse phenomenon. Our sun, the fiery ball that gives us life was made real when totality occurred and darkness descended, the temperature also dropped, an eery vibe of death. And then it passed and the sun gave light and warmth, once again. We have no idea how lucky we are to experience life. To know love, the beauty around us, a good meal, the camaraderie of friends. All because of the sun and the moon. Just in the right spot for life. The moon is as important as the sun. It brings us the tides that swept life to the land. And so the givers of our life and our world danced in unison yesterday and showed us just how important they are for everything we know.

And on this day our cray, cray president gave a cray, cray speech about killing and death in vague terms. After a week when he gave credibility to hate groups and was soundly denounced by corporations, world leaders, his own party, and the victims of the hate groups rhetoric.  So he changes the conversation, now we are talking about war. How he’s going to make our country safe from terrorists. But there are terrorists right here at home  that we are not safe from, and he’s one of them. A president that is not president of all of us. The worst president, I’ve seen in my lifetime.

The mysteries of the sun, moon, and the universe help to give me perspective. Time will pass and this president will be a paragraph in the history books, not remembered well, but nevertheless, gone from politics. Amen to that.

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Traveling opens your mind

I just returned from an amazing vacay with the hubs and my two daughters. A Baltic cruise. I visited countries that frankly I didn’t really ever think about, Latvia and Estonia. Just names to me. Sweden I had been to before and Finland had more name recognition for me and of course Russia. What I discovered on this trip is that in countries with universal healthcare the populace is happier and healthier. People can live on less income without the worry of medical expenses. A simple concept lost on the GOP.

Also and eyeopener were the hordes of tourists. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg was so crowded that any experience one might associate with it was lost in the pushing and shoving crowds in the non-aircondtioned museum. Avoid at all costs, I’ve seen Rembrandt paintings under much better conditions. The same crowds followed us to St. Catherine’s Palace where we had to skip the famous amber room so we could get back to the ship on time. The grounds of the Pushkin palaces and Peterhof were amazing even in the rain, our only rainy day. One got a little insight as to how the Russian people accept their hardscrabble lives while Putin and his cronies live like the Czars. Centuries of accepting being downtrodden while nobility flourished and satisfied all their whims. Even the revolutions made no difference. The people still accept substandard housing, deteriorated facades of buildings while the palaces are pristine. It gave some perspective why there are some American people who still support a con man like Trump because he was a celebrity. People who would forfeit their own best interests to have universal healthcare, believe a pathological liar who pushes Made in America while he and his daughter blatantly produce their products in India and China. People can be sheep and just follow blindly the evil governments they create.

We deserve Trump. Those of us that have abandoned democracy deserve Trump, while the rest of us mourn the loss. Just like the Russians who support Putin raping their country for his own benefit. Made of the same cloth–Putin and Trump. Using their positions for personal benefit and being allowed to do that by the proletariat, by us. Sad! As Trump would incessantly tweet. Sad that he’s trying to dismantle the free press. Putin had journalists poisoned. Sad that this man is already destroying the environment, our schools, our esteem among global leaders. We are traveling soon to Mexico and are informed that the US Dollar is not welcome but all other currencies are.

Will some future group of tourists come to Washington DC to visit the ruins of our government buildings after Trump Tower becomes our dictator’s home?

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It seems so simple

Medicare for all. No economic requirements, so no need for Medicaid. We all have insurance coverage…period. With Medicare Part B it costs about $100 per month per person–an easy amount to subsidize. Under the Advantage Plan there are annual caps and dental and eye care are covered. That’s all you need. For those that want more coverage in hospitals you can buy supplemental insurance that can be pricey. But it’s an option. With all these plans you can choose your doctor. If everyone is on this single payor plan the medical profession will have to accept all patients. So to me it’s a no brainer. Simple. WE THE PEOPLE need to push for this. Elected officials who want to coddle their rich donors to get reelected should get out of public service. They should resign or be voted out. Conservatism  should not be a synonym for heartlessness. The GOP needs to change and become a voice of reason not a voice of anti everything. Why does our military need to be beefed up? It’s a cyber warfare world. Just ask Putin. It’s a drone world. Just ask Obama. Spending outrageous sums on missiles and bombs that we, heaven forbid, would use is not what will save this planet but move it toward extinction. Diplomacy is a much better way. Have we learned nothing from history?

Let’s get all Americans healthy. Let’s stop preparing for war. Let’s get some real humans in government.

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Amazon ads, climate change, incompetence

Recently, I discovered that Amazon had opened up the ability to advertise on its site for self-published authors who also publish books on sites other than Amazon. Previously, only authors enrolled in KDP Select could advertise. There was no fanfare accompanying this expansion. One day, I went to my dashboard and saw that I could set up campaigns for my two novels, Sunspots and Walking with Elephants. Wow, I thought! This is good. So I ran several campaigns. ROI has been nonexistent or marginal at best. When readers buy Indie books they buy erotica, dystopias, fantasies, and vampire sex. My novels fall into none of those categories. Traditionally published books are sold in more mainstream genres and have a market. So, here I am still swimming upstream. Indie publishing is satisfying in that I can see my work being available in print and ebooks. How I wish that my most recent work can get an agent or a publisher, even an indie publisher. Right now, the queries are out. I’m giving it until the fall. If nothing happens, I will publish it myself and enjoy the self-satisfaction of accomplishment without riches. LOL. My audible book is getting close to being finished. Then fingers crossed that its accepted. It’s been a long process but ultimately fun. Stay tuned.

It has been well-established, we have a fool for a president. We are in the Paris Accord until 2020, so the speech about pulling out yesterday was all show. All it did was make people angry. People such as mayors, governors, countries, and CEO’s of major corporations. The ice shelf in Antartica is breaking apart. This will cause the seas to rise. Neighborhoods in Miami, Florida already flood at high tide. Rising seas will cause the sinking of coastal cities, sinking of islands, and havoc and chaos. Populations will migrate to higher ground in search of clean water and sustenance. This is not going to be my future because I’m already old, but my grandchildren’s future, Trump’s grandchildren’s future. Pence, Bannon, the entire cabinet is made up of old men who won’t be around to witness the carnage. Trump’s  inability to process information makes him a patsy for evil old men and their stupid agenda. America will not be great again when NYC, Florida, California are lost to the ravages of the sea. If humans can slow down of even stop the rising temperatures, we  must act for future generations. Mars is not the answer. Last time I checked there was no oxygen there.

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Pure evil

Yesterday was a day of contradictions. I had a great day. We bought a new TV for our lake house. A very large screen. A smart TV bundled with great streaming movies. We ate breakfast out. Then we came back  to the lake and installed the new TV.

This new TV was where I learned and saw the carnage in Manchester. It is stunning that along side those of us that appreciate the blessing of life there are those that worship death. How did they get so twisted to believe that their message of worshipping death has any purpose? It is striking that there are people attracted to this ideology. This is the direct result of people being brainwashed by religion. They should be taught there is no glory, no reward in the afterlife. In fact, we can not say for certain there is an afterlife. If people weren’t naturally such sheep, groups like ISIS would not take hold. The religious leaders that encourage suicide bombers should be rooted out and made an example.

This religion that attracts this evil marginalizes women. Women that give permission for these horrendous acts are worthless humans and have not evolved into their gender. They remain as ignorant bovine used for their bodies. These women could be a voice for sanity but do not choose to be.

This evil must be stamped out with no mercy. Cut the snake at its head. Engage the religious leaders who promote the positive in their religion to be vigilant about uncovering evil in their midst.

Terrible times.

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