Schizophrenic holiday season

I grew up Jewish and then married a Christian. Celebrating Christmas with a tree like the rest of the world was so exciting. And I must say our kids loved getting presents from both holidays and eating the special foods. I felt like a part of the world these past years. But now I only feel that way in my home. The world has decided it’s okay to hate Jews again. Butchered and slaughtered Israelis, young women repeatedly raped to where their pelvises broke, anal intercourse until they bled, babies burned alive and the world blamed Isreal for their brutalization by Palestinians. Palestinians who chose terror to lead them. Terrorists who stole humanitarian aid dollars to enrich themselves and posted set-up photos of Israeli brutality pretending dolls were babies so the world would be on their side. It worked. There are even Jews who believe these lies and side with the Palestinians thinking they have been oppressed. The truth is no Israeli has stepped foot inside Gaza since 2005. They have self-governed and created generational hatred by teaching their children in school to hate and kill Jews. Why? Because radical Islam wants to conquer the culture of the West. Refugees do not assimilate in their host countries but try to impose their backward oppressive culture onto the modern world. Radical Islam hates the West, first, it’s the Jews, and next the Christians. Unfortunately, for Jews, we are an easy target. Our elite universities have been infiltrated with anti-Israel sentiment because the hoax of the poor Palestinians has been believed. There are videos on TikTok of life in Gaza before Oct. 7. There were luxury apartments, fine restaurants, resorts, luxury cars, universities, and hospitals. The terrorists have now caused total destruction of Gaza at the hands of Israelis who will never again allow them to work in Israel or have a military. If innocent Palestinians are suffering as a result, why have they not come forward to help release the hostages? Are they really innocent?

And not only is the horror taking place in the Middle East but in our country as well where a despicable traitor could run for president. How can this happen here? Antisemitism running rampant in our cities and universities, a republican party loyal to Putin, and an evil scoundrel who has no respect for our constitution running for president.  So even though it’s the season to be merry, I’m finding it very hard to even smile.

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