Attitude adjustment

Mind over matter, a shift in perspective, a state of mind, and attitude adjustment. I read some time ago that miracles can also be considered a shift in perspective. We can make ourselves feel better just by doing it consciously. Being mindful and being in the NOW. We are in control of how we decide to feel. How we talk to ourselves. Stress over a perceived insult or laugh it off. Distraught over a failed relationship or feel set free from toxicity. In today’s political climate, when people support an evil and demented buffoon over a very accomplished incumbent, yell hateful words to Jews after Isreal was attacked by a barbaric terrorist org, and when members of the Republican party hold allegiance to our Putin, our enemy, attitude adjustment is challenging.

I think about this a lot. Do I want to feel good today and ignore the evil at our doors? Choose to read a glowing review of my book again after I receive a scathing one? Revel in my accomplishments of completing four novels and proud of the quality of my work, even though sales are not what I had hoped? Winning the lottery of being born and living a wonderful life with shelter and food cannot be blemished by incidentals. I’m here and breathing, known love, and mothering. A total miracle is this life.

I bumped into a UPS delivery guy who asked me how I was. I said, “Fine thank you how are you?” He said with his arms full of boxes just after getting down from his truck, “Living my best life.” This guy changed my day. And I leave this thought for you as well. Live your best life and be grateful for the miracle of it.

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