Pure evil

Yesterday was a day of contradictions. I had a great day. We bought a new TV for our lake house. A very large screen. A smart TV bundled with great streaming movies. We ate breakfast out. Then we came back  to the lake and installed the new TV.

This new TV was where I learned and saw the carnage in Manchester. It is stunning that along side those of us that appreciate the blessing of life there are those that worship death. How did they get so twisted to believe that their message of worshipping death has any purpose? It is striking that there are people attracted to this ideology. This is the direct result of people being brainwashed by religion. They should be taught there is no glory, no reward in the afterlife. In fact, we can not say for certain there is an afterlife. If people weren’t naturally such sheep, groups like ISIS would not take hold. The religious leaders that encourage suicide bombers should be rooted out and made an example.

This religion that attracts this evil marginalizes women. Women that give permission for these horrendous acts are worthless humans and have not evolved into their gender. They remain as ignorant bovine used for their bodies. These women could be a voice for sanity but do not choose to be.

This evil must be stamped out with no mercy. Cut the snake at its head. Engage the religious leaders who promote the positive in their religion to be vigilant about uncovering evil in their midst.

Terrible times.

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