Amazon ads, climate change, incompetence

Recently, I discovered that Amazon had opened up the ability to advertise on its site for self-published authors who also publish books on sites other than Amazon. Previously, only authors enrolled in KDP Select could advertise. There was no fanfare accompanying this expansion. One day, I went to my dashboard and saw that I could set up campaigns for my two novels, Sunspots and Walking with Elephants. Wow, I thought! This is good. So I ran several campaigns. ROI has been nonexistent or marginal at best. When readers buy Indie books they buy erotica, dystopias, fantasies, and vampire sex. My novels fall into none of those categories. Traditionally published books are sold in more mainstream genres and have a market. So, here I am still swimming upstream. Indie publishing is satisfying in that I can see my work being available in print and ebooks. How I wish that my most recent work can get an agent or a publisher, even an indie publisher. Right now, the queries are out. I’m giving it until the fall. If nothing happens, I will publish it myself and enjoy the self-satisfaction of accomplishment without riches. LOL. My audible book is getting close to being finished. Then fingers crossed that its accepted. It’s been a long process but ultimately fun. Stay tuned.

It has been well-established, we have a fool for a president. We are in the Paris Accord until 2020, so the speech about pulling out yesterday was all show. All it did was make people angry. People such as mayors, governors, countries, and CEO’s of major corporations. The ice shelf in Antartica is breaking apart. This will cause the seas to rise. Neighborhoods in Miami, Florida already flood at high tide. Rising seas will cause the sinking of coastal cities, sinking of islands, and havoc and chaos. Populations will migrate to higher ground in search of clean water and sustenance. This is not going to be my future because I’m already old, but my grandchildren’s future, Trump’s grandchildren’s future. Pence, Bannon, the entire cabinet is made up of old men who won’t be around to witness the carnage. Trump’s  inability to process information makes him a patsy for evil old men and their stupid agenda. America will not be great again when NYC, Florida, California are lost to the ravages of the sea. If humans can slow down of even stop the rising temperatures, we  must act for future generations. Mars is not the answer. Last time I checked there was no oxygen there.

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