Our twisted, sick government

I am saddened to say that the America I grew up in is no more. We have a twisted, sick government led by a twisted, sick president. When did being a cold, heartless human start to attract people to run for public office? Why are we voting them to positions where they can make laws for their own benefit at the expense of the populace? The Republican party used to have ideals of small government and low taxes. Now it’s a party of rich immoral self-serving repugnant humans. I used to be an independent ┬ávoter in order not be bound by any party. But I changed that this year and registered as a Democrat.┬áThere is no way I would ever vote Republican…ever again.

These despicable people have been bought by the NRA to remove safety nets once in place. They let the assault weapons ban lapse, they now allow mentally ill people to have guns. They have hurt our healthcare system instead of improving it. They have taken away support for people with disabilities. They are hurting the poor with their need for food. They are causing young people who trusted our government and came put of the shadows to register as illegals brought by their parents when they had no choice, to be deported to countries they have no memory of living in.

The carnage this president spoke about at his inauguration was actually a premonition of the carnage he and his party have inflicted on our once beautiful democracy. This nastiness at the top has filtered down to the populace where mass killings with automatic weapons is sadly too common. We must rid our country of this traitorous demon and this demon party. We must take back our democracy and once again have our democracy work for all Americans not just rich politicians and their rich donors. We must ban weapons of war to be for sale.

Americans must rise up and take back this country from this twisted, sick leader and the GOP leaders we are currently suffering under. VOTE THEM OUT FOR THE GOOD OF THE AMERICA THAT USED TO BE.


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