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Shutdown and other things

So today, we have a partial government shutdown. Apparently, the third time this year. What I can’t figure out is how this president gets any support from anybody. He seems to be taking orders from Vladimir Putin. Learned all his … Continue reading

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It seemed fitting that we had a day of mourning at this time of the year. We sing of this season as one of joy, but it is really a time of reflection. For primitives, it was a time to … Continue reading

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Reader’s Favorite awards ceremony

Here I am wearing my bronze medal. What an exciting weekend in Miami for the awards ceremony and at the Miami Book fair where my book was showcased with the other medal winners. It was inspiring to be treated as … Continue reading

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Trying to remain optimistic

These months before the election are just extremely difficult to contain anger. Anger at watching a demagogue who has a difficult relationship with the truth whip the hatred in this country. Choosing scapegoats, holding rallies, proclaiming himself to be the … Continue reading

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America the beautiful

Last week I went to South Dakota. I had some preconceived notations about what the landscape would look like. Boy was I wrong. Gentle hills leading to jutting mountain tops, pine tree forests known as the Black Hills and moonscapes … Continue reading

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