We all lost

It’s been three days since the United States became a country promoting bigotry, hate, misogyny, and Putin. The alt-right has taken over our persona. We are that country now. The GOP bystanders who turned their backs on Trump are now all in. High-fiving and back-slapping each other. Winning is everything even if our country, our democracy is lost. So, who are we?  Are we the multi-cultural country welcoming the tired, the poor, the huddled masses? Or are we the gun toting, destroy the planet panderers to oil interests, destroy the planet climate change deniers that cause animals  and humans to go extinct? Are we the country that now openly persecutes Muslims, Jews, Latinos, Blacks among other minorities? Are we the country ruled by white-supremists who now can take off the white sheets and openly hate? Hitlerites coming out of the shadows? The answer is unfortunately, yes, we are that country now.

This is an apocalyptic scenario. The end is nigh for sane thinking. But all the Trump supporters also live on Earth. They, too, will also suffer the effects of a Trump-led world. They will see that the new jobs he promised would come from Congress actually passing an infrastructure bill. The Bill introduced by Obama and stalled by the do-nothing Congress. Jobs that could have put the disenfranchised workers back earning salaries years ago. Where else would he create jobs? Drafting an army to fight a war with China? Aid Putin in his desire for world domination? Assad is happy about Trump. Think about that for moment. Jobs building nuclear warheads to sell to Japan? Germany? Make our army even larger because we’re no longer part of NATO? Turn that army against us so that Trump becomes our dictator? They also will suffer the effects of too much Co2 in the air. Watch their children get sicker and sicker because there is no affordable health insurance. Grow old with no safety nets.

The dystopia portrayed in movies like Soylent Green is upon us. Rainy days for the foreseeable future. It’s hard to understand my friends who voted for this monster. Hatred for Hilary was stronger than the fear of being led by a fascist bigot, a know nothing who couldn’t coherently answer questions during the debate. That was a very bad call. My friends who thought that ACA was moving for country toward socialism, a dirty word in this country, but they cash their social security checks. All over the world people who live in countries with health care for all are happier and healthier. What’s wrong with this country that it’s considered a bad thing for us all to have health insurance?

I’m so angry at the Dems for thinking they had the election in the bag. Underestimating the seething hatred toward diversity by the masses. The zeitgeist tapped into by Trump. Pumping the people with fear that ISIS is at our doorstep and with it Sharia law. It’s the backward-thinking GOP that promotes Sharia law-type thinking. No more choice for women. No more birth control for women. Shackling women to being at the whim of their husbands. Like Melania, a Stepford wife, who in her mind-controlled small brain gave a speech about bullying without giving a thought to its overwhelming  stupidity given that her husband is widely known as the Bully-in-Chief.

I fear for us. I fear for the world. Because we are a country full of hate now and hate has a very loud voice in our president-elect.

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  1. listen to Jonathan and learn something. He is left of Hillary and explains why Trump one and she lost. Blame the Democratic Party. Here’s the You tube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgrNEcMIIE0

    Your comments in your article not only share you opinion but they share your hate, your hate for our country and your fellow Americans who voted for Trump. Yes more people of color voted for Trump than the last few republican candidates. But that doesn’t matter to you because of your hate.

    By the way, are you a liberal professor who likes to use large words. How about writing from the heart and not with a Thesaurus. You are too funny.

    1. My words are from my heart, maybe I read more than you do. My sentiments come from watching the entire spectrum of the election, not from hate. Trump started the hateful rhetoric by his sweeping statements targeting Muslims and other minorities. Surrounding himself with anti-Semites and accepting David Dukes endorsement pretending he didn’t know who he was. Using fear tactics by telling us that ISIS was at our doorstep waiting to chop off our heads. Spouting lies left and right about his opponent that five seconds of fact checking revealed were just not true. Tactics of a demagogue. I supported Bernie and was heartbroken when she took the primary. But I know that there seems to be a disconnect between Trump’s hateful words targeting certain groups and their voting against their own best interests. It is a head scratcher for sure. You think he’s cares about the little guy? Then why did he stiff his contractors who worked for him? Why does he send all his clothing line to be sewn in China instead of bringing those jobs here? During the debates he never answered any question revealing his knowledge about anything. Sweeping bullshit statements about how he’s going bring back jobs. Make health care terrific and blather like that. You have every right to support Trump. I think he’s a bigoted know-nothing moron and a clown. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. We are still a democracy. At least I hope and pray that we will still be a democracy after his four-year term.

      1. Some of what you say I agree with but what you fail to understand or, at least recognize, Hillary used the same tactics of using fear, fear that Trump would do this and that. If you follow the Democratic policies and agenda that is your right. I am a fiscal conservative and progressive on many social policies. I do not Obama presidency but I think you might think I’m a racist for that but I am not. I just don’t like his policies. He’s probably a great guy to hang with with I do not the direction he brought us. You think it is OK for Americans to be forced to buy something and if they don’t the get taxed. I do not. The point is if you want unity in this country then you rhetoric will do the opposite. If you have a crystal ball and know exactly how Trump with do his job the give me some lottery numbers. If he sucks I don’t know one person on either side that will not criticize him. As far as I could tell, everyone gave Obama plenty of time before they made up their mind so why not do the same for DT. Your comments makes me think you are overcome with fear which is based on falsehoods. Yes, Trump did not IMMEDIATELY, denounce D Dukes but he did subsequently. That has always been a talking point of the Dems. But here is the true test. Let’s say I thought Obama was going the be the worst president in our history when he first got elected. I listed my reasons and some were valid and some were not. But I posted the same type of comments and posts you did. So would you think I was right or just or would you think I was a jerk, or foolish or whatever. The Dems had this election to win and they put up Hillary. As fas as I can tell there was not choice. I think worse of Hillary than you do of Trump. But I can tell you that if she won I would not be spewing the venom like you have been. And that is my point. He won and give it a rest.

        1. Your point is well-taken. But his transition team is all GOP insiders and lobbyists. He is NOT draining the swamp. So immediately he is not keeping to his campaign rhetoric. Now he wants to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. Climate change is a present danger. Islands are sinking, temperatures are increasing, reefs are dying. Other countries have moved totally to renewable energies. Healthcare for all is enjoyed in numerous Western countries and is a right not a privilege. The ACA was a first attempt at that. The United States is run by greedy corporations where Donald Trump was the problem not the solution. But worse than all this is the intolerance toward ethnic minorities that he has unleashed. For that alone, he was a despicable choice and I fear he is ruining what used to be a haven for diversity. In truth, there has always been race hatred here but now it appears to be in the open and accepted and aggressive. The KKK is marching in victory over his election. Why is that?

          1. I agree that the country is run by greed but I also believe the greed starts in Washington. Hiring another career politician will get us no where. Let’s give him a chance. He will not be able to do everything he said he wants to do so let it run his course. Most of us want what is best for America and he was the most moderate of all candidates. You might actually like him after a year and become a Republican. (only kidding).

          2. I give. Your sanity on this issue is appealing and mildly convincing LOL. I hope you’re right. Now nominate my book on Kindle Scout HAHA!

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