My Kindle Scout campaign, knee surgery, miracles?

So I’m so psyched about my Kindle Scout campaign. My book is trending hot now for almost two days. That is soooo good. If the book can keep trending hot then maybe the entire book will be read by Kindle Press editors and then… I know this is a great book. It’s a fun read and was fun to write. I’m very proud of it. What’s the premise? A writer who has yet to recapture the international acclaim of her debut novel is desperate to achieve that again. The universe gives her chance to achieve it by thrusting her into an alternate reality where  she signs a book contract with a guy that seems like he could be the Devil. Is he really the Devil? Say tuned for the campaign results.

My knee reconstruction surgery got postponed because I had a rash show up behind my knee. A raw and angry rash. I sent a photo to the PA but she didn’t seem too concerned. The Hubs suggested I show them the rash the day of my surgery. So right up to the moment before being drugged, I showed the nurse. She called the surgeon who was performing surgery and when he looked at it he shook his head “no”. When I first met him, I thought him to be rather cold and aloof. Totally different guy came out of surgery to see me that day. Ten days on antibiotic and he’s booked until Dec. 23. Wow. Knee surgery at Christmas. Oh well…but miracles can happen.

So right after I started taking the antibiotic a miracle kind of happened. My leg stopped hurting. My leg felt stronger. My leg felt like it does after a cortisone shot in my knee. What’s going on? I’m a week into the medicine and my leg feels better each day. The owner of the nail salon I go to prayed over me the day before the surgery. Am I cured? Is my knee free of arthritis? I go back to the doctor  next week. Say tuned.

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