Irma, Russia probe, DACA

Irma came roaring into Florida. We watched its progression into our state until we lost our electricity. Horrifying scenes of whole cities blown away. Caribbean islands obliterated. The keys destroyed. When the storm veered left we breathed a sigh of relief. Ponte Vedra is on the northeast corner near Jacksonville. We thought we dodged a bullet. And we did…to some degree. But the strange synchronicity of this storm hitting during a high tide and a full moon meant flooding. I prepared my home for flooding by putting photo albums, framed photos, jewelry, and some clothing into our storm closet. We brought all our lanai furniture into our living room. We put hurricane shutters on our windows and sat in our cave of fear listening for the roar of a tornado. Our kitties were stressed. We were stressed. Then we lost power hoping it would pop back on. It didn’t. We drove around the next day in our air conditioned car to our lake house to assess the damage. No damage to our main home. No roof flying off no flooding. No damage to our lake house. On the way, we saw roads and farms turned into lakes. We heard about the flooding in downtown Jacksonville on the radio but hadn’t seen it. We imagined the devastation as we saw the havoc as we drove around. Still no power on our return. Sleeping without air conditioning is a challenge we didn’t welcome. We found a closeby hotel that luckily just got power so there were rooms. By the time we checked in it was full. Sometime Tuesday, we got our power back. We emptied the refrigerator and freezer and decided to keep the hotel room. It was freezing in there. It was wonderful.
Thoughts: Nature can have an impact as if hit by a nuclear weapon. Life as we know it stops. We are grateful to have a roof. ¬†To have no loss of property. We have become so accustomed to the luxuries of cool homes, easy water, and food. The apocalypse is a world few of us can navigate. And we don’t want to. Irma made paradises into hells. We felt blessed we lost no property, we felt even more blessed when we got our power back. But the lingering fear is Is this new normal? What will next summer bring?

After Irma, the news media came back with a vengeance on the Russia probe. During Irma more info on our dirty, con man president. So much connection to Russia and Russian agents. Flynn doing dirty business deals while national security advisor. Trump’s cabinet full of thugs and dirty dealers just like him. Trump conniving a Moscow Trump tower when he said he had no dealings with Russia. LIAR!!!! This investigation must lead to impeachment. Hey, GOP wake up you have a Manchurian candidate as your president. The election was manipulated by Putin. There was collusion. Everyone belongs in jail. ¬†Mueller get on with it already!!!!!

DACA. Only evil disgusting people are against DACA. Deplorables who are the horse manure of our electorate and Trump supporters. White supremacists, the KKK, and hate groups all follow Trump. This makes Putin very happy because his vision of destroying our democracy is working very well.

Save our democracy. #resist #fakepresident #Putinpuppet #ifonlybernie

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