Troubling times

It’s been very hard for me to concentrate lately on being creative because it seems everyday our democracy is under attack. I took for granted that the USA would always be a free country, a democracy, and have an elected president. Lately, I’m not so sure. I worry because there seems to be members of our government that have taken bribes from a foreign adversary, Russia, and will not control a president who seems unhinged and moving toward being an authoritarian. I grew up in NYC where Donald Trump was a tabloid headline grabber and not respected. He was known as an immoral greedy bigot. It was shocking that he got elected. I can only assume it was because of fans of the Apprentice who bought the mystique that he was a very successful businessman and someone to be admired. He is not that man. He is an entitled spoiled child whose father bankrolled his fortune and bailed him out whenever he bankrupted a business. He also fleeced the government by using tactics to never pay taxes.

These facts about him can be verified. Nobody really knew this about him when he ran. The unsettling part is his excessive greed. I believe that his insatiable desire to become as wealthy as a Russian oligarch propelled him to try and seal the trump tower deal. Everything  he’s done since becoming president is with that in mind. He is subservient to Putin because Putin can make or break that deal. If he appeases the desires of Putin while president the tower will make him richer than he ever imagined. As rich as he’s always dreamed of being. Because with some soulless individuals their greed is a bottomless pit.

Putin wants to destroy our democracy. He is another bottomless greedy man. He wants to rule the world. Trump can facilitate that and we can see how he’s tried to sabotage what we stand for as America and Americans. The complicit GOP is letting Putin take over our country by enabling this president to have overreach, to increase income inequality, put us in great debt, divide the citizens into warring political factions, and create a scapegoat out of the free press calling it the enemy of the people. These tactics were used by Hitler. When will this horror end?

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