The good, the bad, and the ugly

Sometimes it’s important to take stock. To count the blessings in life and also recognize the not so good. Hopefully the good will outnumber the other. I know it seems trite but at my advanced age, I feel grateful for my adult children’s accomplishments. It warms my heart to see them be adoring and nurturing parents, having successful careers, taking care of themselves and most of all, I enjoy being with them.  Love hanging out with them. Just came back from a few days in L.A. where I kissed and hugged my grandkids and laughed with my son and his wife. Beautiful inside and out. Had a great Christmas with my daughter who has an amazingly beautiful soprano voice and sings with the Frankfurt opera. We are planning a special mother/daughter trip this June to Dubrovnik. Already bought my first class seat to Frankfurt–lucky me. My eldest son is an accomplished lobbyist who does GOOD things in the aerospace and native American niches–quite diverse clientele and interesting. His extremely bright and beautiful teenage daughter–my granddaughter is growing up too fast. And my eldest daughter and her accomplishments being in demand in the workforce and having a loving husband and brilliant son–my grandson. I also am grateful for my reasonably good health–knock wood.

But intertwined with my good fortune is the insidiousness of the divided country we find ourselves living in right now. I have to admit that I am part of the problem. I am the bad and ugly, in this case, and have no ability to see the other side. I believe in fairness, in affordable healthcare and know firsthand how frightening it is when an insurance company denies coverage because they say your condition is pre-existing. I don’t want to live under the threat of cutting Soc. Security and Medicare. I remember when abortion was illegal and women died getting one, banning abortion will not stop it. I remain horrified as to how we are treating asylum seekers and putting these children in cages and ripping them from their parents. This has shades of Nazi Germany to me. Giving the wealthy tax cuts and cutting food stamps for the poor. I can’t understand why and how there are people who support a WH with a strong allegiance to Russia, where lying is an everyday occurrence, bullying and threatening commonplace behavior by all who serve, where numerous nude lesbian porn photos of FLOTUS flood the internet. I look forward to a day when we once again can be proud to be an American, proud of our president, comfortable with our differences and not be filled with hatred.

I hope it’s soon.

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