Upside down world

For reasons nobody can explain logically, antisemitism has been around since forever. Hated by the Romans, then the Christians, and finally Islam. Understandably, the Romans hated a new-fangled religion of only one God but all the other religions have their roots in Judaism. Christians worship a Jew and Islam was started by Ishmael a son of Abraham. So humanity instead of embracing the commonality of the religions chose to first massacre the Jews and then each other.

As we move through the millennia, Christians have calmed down in their blood lust for killing Jews. In fact, Evangelicals believe the existence of Israel is essential for the second coming of Christ. So, that’s good if you don’t consider that in Revelations after Armageddon there will be no more Jews forever, but hey it’s not exactly imminent. Right now, we have a common enemy which is radical Islam. Radical Islam aims to take over the world by force or infiltration of Western populations. And they are making progress.

A complete shock to me is how easy it has been. A brutal surprise attack on Israeli innocent civilians on Oct. 7 filmed on GoPro cameras by the attackers disturbingly shows the savagery of rape, slaughtering entire families in their homes, setting people on fire while still alive, and taking hostages to torture. This filmed horror has unleashed unexpected hatred for the victims. Antisemitism is so much stronger than common decency toward humanity or concern for the true victims. In fact, even though there are at-the-scene videos, haters have made the decision not to believe what they see. Although, I get it is hard to watch such brutality as putting babies in hot ovens in front of their parents but to dismiss it as not to have actually happened is an insult and hatred for  Jews everywhere.

Instead, we see college students side with the attackers after watching Hamas propaganda videos on TikTok using footage from other Muslim countries’ wars with Muslims and claiming it was at the hands of Israel. Hamas must play the victim because of the billions in international aid sent to Hamas leaders who live like kings in Qatar. Don’t want to turn off that spigot. The truth is Gaza was thriving. Videos show Gazans enjoying luxury cars, high-end restaurants, and high-end housing.  Hamas propaganda claimed it was a prison and the students chose to believe the propaganda and sided with Islam wanting the annihilation of Jews. Gaza is now rubble and Tel Aviv is not. How is that? The Iron Dome defense kept untold numbers of missiles fired into Israel from landing.  And from Iran. Hamas says it hopes for many more Oct. 7s. Why do American students and professors support that?

How can that be?

How can that be?

How can that be?

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